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CIM Users Group Meetings
The CIM Users Group has two regularly scheduled meetings each year. The first is located in Europe, typically in June; the second takes place in the U.S., typically in November. Meetings in Asia and other regions has been discussed.
Material from these meetings will be posted here or on individual meeting sites. Material may include information from IEEE meetings or other industry events, in addition to CIM Users Group meetings.

Meeting Content

Meetings typically include:

  • Tutorial sessions that take place prior to the official users group meeting
  • Keynote presentations, usually related to major new CIM projects
  • "Lessons Learned" presentations from utilities, vendors, consultants, and integrators
  • Status reports from the most influential CIM projects
  • Coordination reports from IEC working groups and the CIM Model Manager
  • Working group breakout sessions to focus on key issues
  • Vendor hospitality event where vendors can demonstrate their CIM-related software or services

Sponsoring a Meeting

The CIM Users Group keeps meeting costs low through the sponsorship of CIM Meeting Hosts. Utilities, vendors, or R&D organizations may volunteer their facilities or they can help locate appropriate meeting room facilities. Hosts also help locate hotels and a local caterer for meals and the vendor hospitality event. CIMug covers most meeting costs, but the host's sponsorship makes the meetings very cost-effective for attendees.


For further details, contact the CIMug Vendor Co-Chair or Utility Co-Chair.

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