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Managing CIM User Group business processes
This working group performs the administrative functions for the CIMug. One of the most important responsibilities of this working group is to schedule, organize, and facilitate CIMug meetings. The group also makes key decisions about how to manage public and private information generated in working groups. The CIMug Process Working Group coordinates, monitors, and delegate the following activities among the other working groups: CIMug budget Website/Repository Requirements Technical Issues CIMug working group responsibilities and goals CIMug Helpdesk CIMug Release Strategy/Process Interaction with IEC working groups and the rest of UCAI For new members, participation in this working group is an excellent way to learn about the organization and operation of the CIMug. If interested in joining, please contact the Utility Co-Chair (currently Dean Hengst) or the Vendor Co-Chair (Terry Saxton). Current members may access the group's site by clicking here. 
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