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The CIM Users Group offers secure collaboration sites for CIM-related projects.  CIMug can help you bring together professional expertise to apply CIM to your business needs. Whether utility personnel, vendor personnel, or consultants, CIM experts are located around the globe and can immediately join your project through this site.


Benefits of a CIMug Project Site

Here are some reasons to locate your CIM-related project here:

  • Tools to coordinate the talents of geographically wide-spread resources. Your project calendar can be coordinated with the activities of CIMug, IEC working groups, and other UCA-sponsored organizations.
  • Flexibility for different project collaboration needs.  Available site features include document libraries, a project calendar, a task list, announcements, discussion forums, blogs, wikis, issue tracking, and more. These can customized and personalized for each project.
  • Ability to organize and manage the details of large physical project meetings.
  • Ability to easily reference material from past CIM projects via the CIMug Knowledge Base.
  • Confidence that security is managed with the same administrative functions used for the UCA organization.  Project members who are CIMug members will have immediate access to not only the project site, but also other CIMug resources.  Project members who are not yet CIM members can be restricted only to project documents.
  • Comprehensive training - both self-paced instruction and web conference training - is available to help project members learn how to use your site.  

How to Get Started

In the past, new CIM projects were often initiated by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and hosted on this site. Now, any CIM-related industry project can make its home here. (A list of current projects will appear to the left if you are logged in to your account on this site.) A new project site can be built and customized within hours, and your project members can be active on the site within 48 hours. For further details or to get started, please contact us at


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