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Weather data is used by a large number of systems within utilities, including energy trading, work management, generation scheduling and grid operations.  Utilities often have to deal with weather data from multiple sources including forecast, real-time and historical data.  Given the large number of sources covering weather at the national, regional and local level there is a desire to standardise the format of weather data used within the enterprise. With the Common Information Model (CIM) being used as an enterprise-wide semantic at an increasing number of utilities, there is a desire to include weather data within the scope of CIM-based exchanges.
To this end, Southern California Edison (SCE), EPRI and Open Grid Systems have started a project to develop extensions to the CIM to model this forecast, real-time and historical weather data within the CIM.  The extensions will use existing CIM elements and leverage existing standard weather data definitions.  This will ensure that the structure of the extensions is in keeping with the IEC working groups' modelling guidelines while ensuring existing weather data is represented fully and accurately.
We would like to invite any interested parties to contribute to this effort to ensure that the CIM for Weather extensions cover the needs of the wider electrical industry.
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CIM for Weather
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