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Kay Clinard Retires and is Appointed President Emeritus. Magaret Goodrich New President of UCAIug


In November 2019, Kay Clinard informed the board of directors of UCAIug that he will beretiring effective December 31, 2019. Kay was instrumental in establishing the UCAIug organization out of the original EPRI MMS Forum activities of the 1990s. His work at the UCAIug helped establish both IEC 61850 and the IEC Common Information Model as the key industry standards for electric utilities that they have become today.

In consideration of Kay's long service to the industry, the Board of Directors of the UCA International Users Group unanimously agreed to appoint Kay Clinard to the honorary position of President Emeritus. This appointment conveys only a fraction of the gratitude that all UCAIug members and the industry at large have for the important work that Kay did in his long career in the electric utility industry. Kay was presented a framed appointment letter and an award for "Fred" as a small token of our sincere appreciation for everything he has done.

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At a separate meeting of the of the Board of Directors, Margaret Goodrich was appointed the new President of the UCAIug Users Group effective 1 January 2020.
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