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Dear CIM/CGMES community, dear colleagues,
In 2018, Swissgrid and Statnett launched an initiative on collecting requirements on Network Modelling and Model Management (NMM) tools. The perspective was clearly from a Transmission System Operation point of view, to support our internal processes, as well as business-to-business processes required for implementation of European Network Codes – for network model exchanges among TSOs (at Pan-European level, through our Regional Security Coordinators) and between TSOs and their DSOs.

The development of NMM owes much to the work by EPRI. In fact, the collection of requirements published here adopted many of the requirements from the EPRI's 2014 report titled "Network Model Manager Technical Market Requirements" as part of the starting point. Another important contribution was made by the findings of the 2016 CGMES Interoperability tests organised by ENTSO-E as part of its Common Grid Model efforts.

After a physical workshop in August 2018, where we exchanged on different perspectives, planned and actual projects and scope of collaboration, Svk colleagues kindly shared their existing requirements list as a starting point. Through over 60 hours of web conferences, accompanied with some off-line work, we managed to produce a list of requirements for such a tool that we believe is worth sharing with the community.

The resulting list of requirements assumes CIM / CGMES support as the primary vector of semantic and data exchange and does not include assumptions about support for other tools or formats. The reasoning behind this is to encourage vendors to provide users with:

  • essential features enabled by use of standards,
  • incorporate features into product baselines,
  • make it easier to undergo conformance testing, and,
  • have faster time to market for a large community of users.

​​Our small team has agreed to already now share the list of requirements with our TSO, DSO, RSC, ENTSO-E colleagues and vendors, as well as standards development organisations (e.g., IEC TC57 WG13, WG14, WG16 and WG19), user groups (e.g., CIMug) and the wider community. The list is certainly not perfect, but it is developed to a stage that allows soliciting feedback and encourage others to contribute.

Please send your comments to

 Also, please share this with your cooperating utilities, your vendors and consultants, as well as your IEC TC57 National Committee for information.​
5/19/2020 2:52 PMtony.adams
5/19/2020 2:52 PMtony.adams
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