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CIM Member Sites
Welcome to the CIM Member sites area. The CIM User Group has made a substantial investment in collaboration capabilities for its members. CIM members can use these capabilities to give sharper focus to CIM-related activities within members' companies.
What are Member Sites?
CIMug membership makes it possible for you to build sites just like this to help with effective deployment of CIM within your companies. Access to each site is restricted according to the group membership you specify.
What is a wiki site?
Wikiwiki means quick in Hawaiian. A wiki site is a Web site in which users can easily edit any page. The site grows organically by linking existing pages together or by creating links to new pages. If a user finds a link to an uncreated page, he or she can follow the link and create the page.

In business environments, a wiki site provides a low-maintenance way to record knowledge. Information that is usually traded in e-mail messages, gleaned from hallway conversations, or written on paper can instead be recorded in a wiki site, in context with similar knowledge.

Several CIM working groups have been using this wiki capability for collaboration.
Are there other options beside wiki sites?
Yes, there are other options beside wiki sites! You might start with a wiki (like this example) to help get a conversation going around key issues or upcoming projects. Wikis are extremely flexible and organic. But you can also start with a team site - that template includes task lists, calendars, discussion threads, and other web parts that are more useful if you have a project going on within your organization.
Are these sites secure?
Yes, these sites are protected with the same security as all CIMug sites. Each is assigned a site owner who can self-administer security privileges. Training is provided, and the process is simple. This ensures that the site owner is fully aware of any access to the site, and protects against accidental sharing of information that belongs to CIM member organizations.
If you would like to set up a site for your organization, please open a service request on the Help Desk and we will respond to you. 
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