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Bill Blevins, Director, Grid Coordination, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Mr. Blevins is a native Texan from Port Lavaca Texas. He is a Graduate of the US Navy Nuclear Power Engineering School. He has 30 years of power systems experience with 24 years in civilian commercial power systems and 6 years Nuclear Power Systems experience. He started his civilian career with Houston Lighting and Power and worked at South Texas Nuclear Power station in Bay City Texas before moving into grid operations. Prior to coming to ERCOT, he held positions at North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), as Manager of Interchange and then as Manager Business Practices. Before working at NERC he worked for Duke Energy as Manager Generation Control where he was responsible for control area operations in the Eastern and Western Power Grid. While at ERCOT he served as Manager of Operations Support, Manager Operations Planning and was responsible for grid operations as ERCOT transitioned to the new Nodal Market in 2011.
Brad is the Chief Digital Innovation Officer for NB Power. After spending over 25 years in the private sector in the information technology and management consulting sectors, Brad joined NB Power as a Director of the corporate smart grid program in 2013. In February 2018 Brad was appointed to the CDIO role to develop and deliver the organization's digital transformation strategy. The focus of the strategy is to drive collaboration and innovation in all aspects of the business and to develop digital solutions for internal and customer's use. Brad's responsibilities include converging and leading the information and operational technology (IT/OT) groups and creating a new innovation team, forming the Digital Technologies organization. The digital transformation strategy is also focused on improving business performance by formalizing and leveraging innovation processes and fostering research and development relationships with external partners. Brad has an undergraduate engineering degree and a master's degree in computer science.
Mr. DuBose has 40 years of power system experience with extensive knowledge in transmission operations, power system models, and software. This experience includes multiple EMS databases, the IEC Common Information Model, relay protection, and distribution engineering techniques. At Dominion Energy, he was responsible for the EMS transmission model and supporting the Transmission Operations Center with network applications analysis. Mr. DuBose is a member and participant in IEC Working Group 13 and 14, the international committee responsible for maintaining the Common Information Model (CIM) and is now interim convener of Working Group 13. He lends his expertise in power system modeling and his operations experience to influence decisions concerning changes to the CIM definition. He participated in the EPRI-sponsored “CIM for Planning” and “CIM for Dynamics” projects. He was a vender representative on the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) CIM Data Transfer Interop team to develop the second generation “CIM for Planning” model definition. Mr DuBose has participated in multiple interoperation tests between different venders of the CIM. He has taught multiple courses on the Common Information Model and its use along with techniques in network modeling.
David Bogen started his career in the utility industry in 1981 with Texas Power and Light after graduating from Kansas State University with a degree in Electrical engineering. David’s current position is Manager Transmission and Distribution Services – System Modeling with Oncor Electric Delivery Company, LLC. David is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. During has thirty-eight plus years of working of working in the electric utility industry, David has spent most of his time doing some type of transmission network modeling. Starting with Transmission Planning and then moving into modeling for dynamic and transient stability studies. When Oncor’s Electric Delivery decided it was time to upgrade it real-time operations SCADA system to include advance network applications, such as State Estimation, Real-Time Contingency Analysis, and Operational Training Simulator, David was selected to develop the Transmission Network Model and implement the Advance Application component of the new EMS. Since the deployment of these applications into the Control Room David has also been responsible for supporting these applications in the real-time including the development and updating of the transmission network model required by these applications.David is currently also one of 4 core team members for the selection of a replacement SCADA/EMS system. Which is planned for commercial service in early 2020. David started studying the EPRI CIM in the early 2000s when he started to support multiple systems that required the same network model but had different data entry requirements. In 2005 David joined the CIM User group and got involved in the annual CPSM interoperation testing and has participated in nearly all Interoperability Testing (IOP) events since then. Including the first European CIM IOP sponsored by UCTE. David has also participated in the various EPRI projects that helped to extend the CIM standards to include planning and dynamic modeling. David was Oncor’s Electric Delivery lead person in working with ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) on redesigning the electric market for the current implementation to nodal Location Marginal Pricing methodology. One of the major activities that David was instrumental was the designing and development of the new ERCOT transmission network model which was the first large scale implementation based on the IEC standards for Common Information Modeling that includes both reliability and market modeling data modeling requirements merged into a single master database. David acted as a liaison between ERCOT, the Texas Stake Holders, the CIM Standards Committees and User groups during this development activity. The implementation of this new data management supported many changes to the CIM standards. David is also supporting the CIM Harmonization activities with IEC 61850 and to support DER models required the many stakeholders by providing a utility perspective. David is Currently a member for the CIM User Group Process Committee, CIM Testing Committee and the UCA Testing Committee.
Frank has 36 years of experience as a software developer and architect, focused on language tools, operating systems, embedded systems, data and information architecture. He was Enterprise Information Architect at American Electric Power from 2003 to 2014 and a key participant in AEP's adoption of CIM for distribution operations, developing architectural strategy for data in flight and data storage. Frank is a member of IEC Working Group 14 and shepherded substantial new capabilities discovered in the course of AEP project deployments into the CIM standards.
Jim Ogle is a Senior Research Engineer in the Electrical Infrastructure Group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). He has over 25 years industry experience spanning utility distribution and substation operations, communication networks, and large-scale commercial system development. He is a recognized leader in technology innovation with multiple patents granted and has served in roles including Director R&D, Director of System Engineering and Security, and Chief Architect.
Jim is a Senior Manager at the Siemens Industries, Digital Grid Division. In this role, he is a Product Manager for Siemens products in the area of grid control and wholesale markets. Jim has experience in technical, product, consulting, and project management at Siemens. He is the convener of the IEC TC 57 WG-16 which develops standards for deregulated energy market communications. He is a Life Senior Member of the IEEE PES and a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Minnesota.
Ms. Goodrich has over 25 years experience with emphasis in consulting, project management and all support and production areas within the Software Industry. Ms. Goodrich has been involved with various standards organizations during the past 15 years. She has worked with NERC, IEEE and the IEC to establish electric industry standards. Currently, she is active in the IEC WG14 and WG19 teams and she is Vice-Chair of the newly organized IEEE-PES CIM TF. Ms. Goodrich has acted in a consulting capacity to provide expertise, project management and strategic consulting to several clients including AEP, EPRI, ERCOT, Cleco, MISO, COES-SINAC and several power utilities. These activities include working with development and management personnel to ensure the projects meet the standards and are delivered on time and within budget. She has written and published reports and papers on behalf of her clients surrounding various topics regarding the standards, training, testing and integration platforms. In 2018, Ms. Goodrich was appointed VP of Operations for the CIMug and the UCA International Users Group and continues to provide her services as Treasurer to the organization. Currently Ms. Goodrich is the Owner and President of Project Consultants, LLC and is responsible for delivery and integration of all projects within Project Consultants. That currently includes delivery of the T-Nexus Network Model Manager improvement program for American Electric Power (AEP). Ms. Goodrich received her Bachelor’s degree from the UT Austin. In Feb, 2001, she received a patent for the Operational Database Maintenance System (ODMS).
Michael Covarrubias is a Principle Consultant and Director of Strategy and Solutions for Xtensible, a Doble Company. He previously served as Manager of Architecture and Strategy at Arizona Public Service for nearly 7 years. With over a decade of Utility background and experience, he has worked with various areas in the sector including Mobility, Operations, Customer Service, Field Service, and Generation across multiple different domains of technology and business processes. Michael received a Certification in Executive Leadership and Management from Notre Dame, Masters Certificate in Business Improvement from Auburn, Bachelor degree in Computer System Engineering from Arizona State University and an M.B.A from University of Phoenix. Dynamic and results driven senior leader with a proven track record of providing top-level IT leadership for driving cost-efficient organizations with a focus of business strategic direction. Strong background in enterprise technology that provides the basis for leadership, visioning, strategic development and execution.
Mr. Phillipson is a certified Siemens Software Architect and Senior Key Expert with 25 years of experience designing, building and maintaining software solutions for power transmission grid modeling, simulation and data exchange. In addition to engineering management and CIM standardization, Mr. Phillipson has contributed to solution deployment for domestic and international clients, including technical sales support, architectural design, requirements engineering, data migration, software customization and integration, acceptance testing, issue resolution and user training. Mr. Phillipson currently works in Houston, TX, collaborating with stakeholders around the world to provide quality software solutions.
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