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Adam White
Adam is an electrical engineer with 13 years of industry experience working at the juncture of engineering, regulation and business. His focus is on ensuing our customers business problems are well understood, and effectively translated into operational & supportable software solutions. Adam draws on his experience across multiple DNSPs and most recently Mondo Power, to look differently at the energy transition, focusing on how the regulated and commercial sides of the sector can combine to deliver the outcomes sort by energy consumers.
General Manager, Business Dev & Strategy, Zepben
Bill Tarlington
Bill is an electrical engineer with 25 years’ experience in electricity distribution, software systems design and implementation, and business development. He led operational functions and software system implementations in electricity distribution networks in his early career, and then founded and grew a successful business creating software solutions for the sector. Bill worked as a product management executive in General Electric (GE) following the acquisition of his company by GE in 2010. Since leaving GE in 2014, he and his co-founders have built Zepben into another successful software and services company for the electricity distribution sector.
Managing Director, Zepben
Mr.Boonmee is an expert on digital interoperability development and data standard in the fields of power transmission, power distribution, power generations and other fields.
Lecturer, Department of ELectrical and Computer Engineering, Thammsat University
Kurt Greaves
Kurt Greaves is a highly experienced software engineer with 12 years of experience in the software industry. He started his career in the cyber security industry developing "big data" analytical systems with tools such as Apache Hadoop, Spark, Nifi, and Kafka processing up to petabytes of data per week. Departing from the security industry he specialised in distributed systems at Instaclustr and became a Apache Cassandra expert, providing customer facing and in-house expertise for their DBaaS platform. Since leaving Instaclustr in 2018 he has been working at Zepben to build out their CIM-based Energy Workbench, utilising his expertise to build scalable hosting capacity solutions.
Technology Lead, Zepben
Mr.Coe has decades of experience in data modeling, serves as a board member of Peak Load Management Alliance and an active member of IEC Technical Committee 57. He has worked with many organizations and companies around the world.
President, GridOptimize
Terese Milford
Dr. Terese Milford is Manager Intelligent Grid New Technology at Energy Queensland. Terese has worked in the area of an intelligent grid for the past 10 years having led field trials of various new technology products. Her recent work focusses on deploying advanced network analytics tools to support a data-driven, cost-effective integration of renewables into the distribution network.
Manager, Intelligent Grid New Technology, Energy Queensland
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