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2023-05-18 01 Welcome (Bogen and Covarrubias).pdf
Welcome (Bogen and Covarrubias)
2023-05-18 02 OpenTDR and CIM Standards (Seyedmahmoudian and Moreira).pdf
OpenTDR and CIM Standards
2023-05-18 03 Energy Workbench (White).pdf
Energy Workbench
2023-05-18 04 History of the CIM (Bogen).pdf
History of the CIM
2023-05-18 05 Building Blocks (Lewsey).pdf
Building Blocks
2023-05-18 06 From Data To Intelligence (Milford).pdf
From Data To Intelligence
2023-05-18 07 Distribution Planning Models (McMorran).pdf
Distribution Planning Models
2023-05-18 08 PEA Thailand (Boonmee and Coe).pdf
CIM at PEA Thailand
2023-05-18 09 Network Model Dataflow (Guinman).pdf
Network Model Dataflow
2023-05-18 10a PCItek (Goodrich).pdf
Sponsor: PCItek
2023-05-18 10b Xtensible (Covarrubias).pdf
Sponsor: Xtensible
2023-05-18 10c Zepben (Tarlington).pdf
Sponsor: Zepben
2023-05-18 10d Open Grid (McMorran).pdf
Sponsor: Open Grid Systems
2023-05-18 10e GridQube (Geth).pdf
Sponsor: GridQube
2023-05-18 10f Siemens (Yang).pdf
Sponsor: Siemens
Members Supporting CIM