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Alan McMorran graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer & Electronic System before joining Professor Sir Jim McDonald’s Advanced Electrical Systems group as a research student, completing his Ph.D. in 2006. After three years as a post-doctoral research fellow Alan left the University in 2010 and founded Open Grid Systems, a company providing software and services to electrical utilities, vendors and consultants worldwide.


Alan is involved with all aspects of the business including the ongoing development of Open Grid Systems’ software product portfolio covering customer facing mobile applications, mobile field crew applications, advanced data visualisation interfaces and enterprise-wide network model management systems.  His technical work is focussed on the application of open data standards and model-driven architectures for data management, integration, analysis and visualisation.


Head of Electric Power System Control and Operation Department, Elektroinstitut Milan Vidmar (EIMV)

Andrej Souvent has been with Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute since 2007. He is head of the Electric Power System Control and Operation department. Andrej has over 20 years of experience in IT and OT, primarily in the area of power system applications. He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ljubljana. His research is focused on smart grids technologies and solutions, especially on related operational technologies and systems integration. He is a member of IEEE, CIGRE and IEC TC57.

International Sales Manager, Siemens PTI
Boštjan Rožič
Chief Technology Officer, GDB d.o.o.

Boštjan Rožič, Chief Technology Officer at GDB d.o.o., started working as an application engineer for SCADA and DMS projects for Slovenian utilities before moving on to developing interfaces from SCADA, DMS and Asset Management to CIM as well as developing the WEB.CIM integration platform itself. Having experience in both the application of IT systems in power system utilities as well as CIM development and implementation, he understands the need for IT system integration and the benefits CIM has to offer.

Christoph Kondzialka
Dipl.-Ing., University of Applied Science Ulm, Smart Grid Research Group

Since 2014, Mr. Kondzialka has been a Scientific Assistant at the University of Applied Science Ulm, Smart Grid Research Group.  The work carried out fits mainly to the field of energy informatics, with the main focuses on DSO system integration, data transformation and domain modelling (DSO). This field of work was embedded into the public research projects “SmartSolarGrid”, “NathanPV” and the ongoing “ESOSEG”.

From 2006 - 2014 he was a Software-Developer (Embedded Systems) with 8 years of experience in embedded software development and testing by participating multiple industrial projects. That includes projects in the field of avionic software development and testing  as well as implementing automotive control modules. 

He graduated with his diploma engineer in the technical informatics degree program from the University of Applied Science Ulm, Germany.


Darko Vidinikj has been working at Iskratel for a year and a half. His previous experiences are in electrical design and teaching. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Sts. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje and is working on his master thesis for renewable energy resources in the same university. Currently he is involved with the CIM integration as a product manager for the CIM repository. He is a fan of the latest trends in electrical engineering, distributed generation, electrical vehicles and clean energy in general. He believes that standardizing data in one network model will help analytics and predictions thus improving the management of the electrical grid challenging facing these (DER, EV…) challenges.
David Erol
Senior R&D Engineer, Vattenfall R&D

David Erol joined Vattenfall, R&D  in 2010. Since then he has worked mainly towards Vattenfall business area Wind and  Distribution with ICT related questions. He received his M.Sc. in Computer science at the Royal institute of technology (KTH). His current work is to manage a R&D program called Digital Substation that aims to provide the Distribution company  with sustainable solutions for the next generation of primary substations. He is also working inside that program to develop an reference architecture for information exchange from the substation to central level systems to enable asset health analytics.


Eric Hatter
Manager of AEP Transmission Business System Technology & Strategy, American Electric Power Service Corporation (AEP)

Eric Hatter of American Electric Power Service Corporation is the Manager of AEP Transmission Business System Technology & Strategy and is the liaison between corporate Information Technology and Transmission and leads and manages staff in Transmission Business Operations to:

  • Develop and execute Transmission’s IT strategy, IT System Target Architecture and IT Governance Program
  • Provide guidance, recommendations and reports to senior Transmission Leadership pertaining to long range Transmission IT planning and implementation
  • Lead and manage activities related to Transmission IT systems strategy, development, implementation and support
  • Prioritize projects, direct the allocation of resources to match overall Transmission IT strategy and direct the prioritization of requests for IT support
  • Understand the latest IT technology/software applications and make recommendations to keep Transmission IT systems running efficiently utilizing financial management, process management and innovation
  • Facilitate technology working groups and tech teams throughout the business unit to ensure consistency of process and adherence to the Transmission IT roadmap.

He has over 30 years of utility operations experience in the areas of EMS/SCADA, and Transmission Operations Engineering.  He actively represents AEP as an advisor on the EPRI P161 “Information, Communication and Cyber Security” (ICCS) program. Eric served as an advisor for the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) Grid Operations and Information, Communication & Technology sectors; and as program manager for the EPRI Transmission Modernization Demonstration. He received the 2015 Inaugural EPRI Interoperability Leadership Award. He also was elected as utility co-chair of the International CIM (Common Information Model) User Group, which works to advance interoperability across the utility enterprise.

Eric is also the Program Manager for the AEP Network Model Management Improvement program which is charged with designing and implementing a CIM based approach for coordinating operations, planning and protection models. He received a B. S. EET degree from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virgina.

Eric Lambert
Senior Research Engineer & Project Manager, EDF R&D

Eric Lambert  began his career  on Power System Controls at HydroQuébec from 1988 to 1994 and entered EDF R&D in 1994.

For Hydro Quebec he worked on Transmission Control Centers applications, including the development of an expert system for alarm synthesis. For EDF, he was  involved in 1994 on a project for the renewal of EDF Distribution Control Centers where he was in charge of the EDF Scada migration and architecture design.

He is involved since 1997 in several  IEC TC57 (Power System Management and Information Exchange) working groups which define CIM (Common Information Model) standard (wg13,wg14,wg16,wg19).  He is leading TC57 Reference Architecture & CIM model for Distribution (CDPSM), and My Energy Data. Eric is convenor of TC57 French national committee.

At the present time he is project manager of EDF R&D project supporting EDF group standardization strategy. He is involved in H2020  TDX-ASSIST European project as WP leader on TSO-DSO information exchanges.

Eric graduated in Computer Science from Paris VI University, with a specialization in artificial intelligence and has a master in robotics. He has also a MBA from Paris Pantheon Sorbonne and was member of Quebec Engineering Society

Gašper Lakota
Product Manager, Solvera Lynx

At Solvera Lynx, the energy management company, Gašper Lakota is responsible for solutions enabling distributed energy resources, microgrids and industrial grids to provide energy flexibility for stable operation of the power grid. 

Throughout his professional career he has been designing and implementing software solutions for the challenges of the modern electric power grid. 

He holds a bachelor degree from  Power system engineering. He is a member of IEEE and CIGRE organizations and has been cooperating in CIGRE working groups.

Principal Consultant, Mandla Solutions, Inc.
Mr. Dotson is a registered professional engineer with over thirty years of experience in developing and delivering complex systems in support of telecommunications and electric utility operations. For the past fifteen years Mr. Dotson has held various roles focusing on Solution Architecture and Systems Engineering. He provides consulting services to utility industry clients. Mr. Dotson’s business expertise includes standards-based (TOGAF) Enterprise Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design and governance, standards-based data architecture (IEC CIM), and standards-based (IEC CIM) integration of utility operations systems. Mr. Dotson currently serves as the co-model manager for WG14 and is active in developing IEC 61968 standards.
Joep van Genuchten
Data Architect, Alliander
Data architect at Alliander.  Interested in exploring use cases for linked data applications within our data architecture.  Working with CIM for two years.  Since last year's meeting we used CIM at Alliander as the information model for modeling business events that form the basis for our streaming (real time) data platform, for one of our daughter company's asset databases (in progress), and for the redevelopment of our trouble ticketing system.

Marcel Olij
Data Architect, DSO Enexis BV, Netherlands

Marcel Olij is a Data Architect at DSO Enexis BV in the Netherlands.

Past experience include Geographic Information Systems and Integration (SOA, ESB) at large.

He has known about CIM for over 10 years and though it is not used ‘out of the box’,

parts of it are mixed into the Integration Common Data Model.

Currently cooperating in implementing a mature Data Management discipline in our organization and participating in things like the LinkED project ( publishing Linked Open (Energy) Data ) and implementation of the new European Regulation on Transmission System Operation.

Margaret Goodrich
President, Project Consultants

Ms. Goodrich has over 25 years experience with emphasis in consulting, project management and all support and production areas within the Software Industry.

Ms. Goodrich has been involved with various standards organizations during the past 15 years. She has worked with NERC, IEEE and the IEC to establish electric industry standards. Currently, she is active in the IEC WG14 and WG19 teams and she is Vice-Chair of the newly organized IEEE-PES CIM TF. 

Ms. Goodrich has acted in a consulting capacity to provide expertise, project management and strategic consulting to several clients including AEP, EPRI, ERCOT, Cleco, MISO, COES-SINAC and several power utilities. These activities include working with development and management personnel to ensure the projects meet the standards and are delivered on time and within budget. She has written and published reports and papers on behalf of her clients surrounding various topics regarding the standards, training, testing and integration platforms.

In 2018, Ms. Goodrich was appointed VP of Operations for the CIMug and the UCA International Users Group and continues to provide her services as Treasurer to the organization. 

Currently Ms. Goodrich is the Owner and President of Project Consultants, LLC and is responsible for delivery and integration of all projects within Project Consultants.  That currently includes delivery of the T-Nexus Network Model Manager improvement program for American Electric Power (AEP).

Ms. Goodrich received her Bachelor’s degree from the UT Austin. In Feb, 2001, she received a patent for the Operational Database Maintenance System (ODMS).

Markus König studied electrical engineering at TU Munich and holds a PhD in electrical engineering / power engineering. He has been a software engineer for over 20 years now and is currently involved in a research project for CIM-based DSO data integration in a Munich-based software company.
Chief System Integration Architect, Schneider Electric DMS NS & Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Milan Gavric, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. His research interests span both enterprise systems integration and modeling. He has integration experiences in designing and supervising more than 40 ADMS project integrations worldwide in cooperation with Schneider Electric DMS NS where he works as a Chief System Integration Architect. He serves as a member of IEC TC57 - WG 13 and WG 14, dealing with energy management system application program interface and system interfaces for distribution management.
Mohammed A. Radi
Fellow, Brunel University, London

Mohammed A. Radi received the M.Sc. degree with distinction in Sustainable Electrical Power and the Ph.D. degree in electrical power engineering from Brunel University, London, United Kingdom, in 2012 and 2017, respectively. Since then, he has been with the college of engineering, design and physical sciences at Brunel University, U.K., where he is currently a full time research fellow in TDX-ASSIST project that is funded by EU Horizon 2020 and works on the coordination of transmission and distribution data exchanges for renewables integration in the European marketplace. His main areas of research interest are power systems, power electronics, renewable energy integrations and smart power networks within the boundaries of transmission and distribution network. Dr. Radi is a member of Brunel Institute of Power Systems (BIPS) and the Institute of Energy Futures, U.K., where he is active in the theme of Smart Power Networks.

Nejc Petrovič
Adviser to the Chief Information Officer, Elektro Gorenjska

Nejc Petrovič received a B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering in the field of power engineering at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2012. After graduation he started working as an engineer at a power distribution company Elektro Gorenjska, Slovenia. He now works as an adviser to the Chief Information Officer in Elektro Gorenjska. His work focuses on researching Smart grid technologies and solutions with the main focus on emerging technologies in the energy sector. He is also a member of IEC TC57 WG13 and WG14.

Nikola Risteski
Head of Operations and Solution Developer, Bintegra d.o.o.

Nikola Risteski is Head of Operations and a Solution Developer at Bintegra d.o.o. He graduated from University of Maribor in the field of business application integration and has been working for several years in software development and systems integrations in different areas.

Standardization and Interoperability Advisor, ENTSO-E
Olivier Aine is responsible for the standardization and interoperability in ENTSO-E (the European Network for Transmission System Operator for Electricity). Olivier has a Master in Engineering in Telecom ParisTech and Polytechnique, and has worked at RTE (the French TSO).
Technical Executive, EPRI
Peter Metljak has joined Iskratel as Integration service expert. He graduated from University of Ljubljana as Telecommunication engineer. Currently he is involved with the CIM integration with emphasis on CIM repository integration. His previous experiences from multiple integration from telco segments brings added value to smooth CIM integration.
Ralph Mackiewicz is Vice President of SISCO, a developer ofcommunications and integration products for electric utility applicationslocated in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Ralph is an active participant inseveral IEC standards activities and has expertise with IEC 61850, ICCP –TASE.2, Common Information Model (CIM), OPC and ISO 9506 (MMS). Ralph participatesin CIGRÉ, IEEE and UCA International Users Group activities including the CIMUsers Group and the IEC 61850 Users Group and is currently vice-chair of theboard of directors of the UCA International Users Group. When Ralph is notpursuing his passion of interoperability, and when the water is not frozen, heand his wife enjoy their boat by fishing on beautiful Lake St. Clair which issituated between the US and Canada north of Detroit.
Rene Benassi
Technical Expert, Energy Sector, Iskratel

Rene Benassi has been working at Iskratel for one year. His previous experiences are mostly working on SCADA systems and custom data integration. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ljubljana. Currently he is involved with the CIM integration. A fan of open source software, for more than 8 years he earned an inside of the problematic involving utilities and now trying to make their lives easier.

Svein Harald Olsen
Enterprise Information Architect, Statnett SF, the Norwegian TSO

Svein Harald Olsen works as Enterprise Information Architect at Statnett SF, the Norwegian TSO. He has a Master of Computer System Engineering from University of Bristol, United Kingdom. He has over 20 years' experience in developing IT solution for the power electricity value chain from power generation and trading to end-user customers. This involves application like Customer Information Systems (CIS) through Power System Transient Stability Software.

Svein Olsen is Norwegian member of IEC TC57 WG13 and WG14. He is member of ENTSO-E CGMES expert group and been active participant in developing the CGMES for you in the Common Grid Model (CGM) program that is implementing the EU Network Code.

Terry Saxton
Vice President and a Founder, Xtensible

Terry Saxton is Vice President and a founder of Xtensible Solutions, a company offering professional consulting services to the international energy/utility industry in the development of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions and strategies based on the Common Information Model (CIM) and related standards. Mr. Saxton is Convener of IEC TC57 WG13 responsible for the CIM and other international standards for energy management system interfaces. He manages projects for EPRI dealing with the CIM, most recently extending the CIM to support planning applications and dynamic model exchange. Mr. Saxton has many years of experience in the analysis, design, development, and implementation of a wide range of system integration solutions for electric utilities and the US Department of Defense. Prior to starting Xtensible Solutions, Mr. Saxton worked for BearingPoint, KEMA Consulting, Siemens Power Systems Control, Honeywell, Information Exchange Systems, and Bell Telephone Laboratories. He received an MSEE from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and BSEE and BS Math with Honors from California State Polytechnic University.
Uroš Salobir, M. Sc
Director of Department for Strategic Innovation, ELES, d.o.o.
Uroš Salobir has at ELES taken various responsibilities ranging from Assistant of Director for Asset Management, Coordinator for System Development, Director of System Operations and since May 2017 holds the current position. He has been involved in various company projects ranging from real time control systems, market developments, ancillary services projects and asset risk management. As an active member of international associations he has taken various responsibilities on international level like Convenorship of balance management group within South East TSO association and Convenorship of operational scheduling group within Central East TSO association. Since he took the responsibility for innovation  ELES was successful with some remarkable innovation projects like SINCRO.GRID, Slovenian Japanese NEDO project, H2020 project FutureFlow, Defender, OSMOSE, MIGRATE and other.
Software Engineer, DCi d.o.o.

Viki Petrovič is currently working for GDi d.o.o., Ljubljana as a software engineer, planning and developing GIS functionalities for different fields and industries. For over a year, she has been involved in CIM software modules development for distribution systems, specifically a configurable GIS-CIM adapter, which is able to generate network model in CIM format suitable for advanced DMS systems. She studied at Faculty of Computer and Information Science where she finished her Bachelor's degree in 2014 and Master's degree in 2017.

Vincent Gliniewicz
R&D Engineer, Vattenfall R&D
Vincent was born in France in 1986. He possesses a B.S. in Mathematics and Statistics as well as a B.S. in Environmental Engineering and a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden. His current work at Vattenfall comprises studies related to smart grids and smart grid applications, data governance and big data applications and microgrid related questions.
Software Development Manager, IPS Intelligent Process Solutions GmbH
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