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IEC TC57 WG 19
Discusses the new issue reporting process.
Kendall Demaree
09 CMM issues reporting.ppt1206 KB issue; tool, CIM
ABB_standard_70.jpg11 KB
ABB experiences with the CIM
ABB experiences with the CIM
Neela Mayur
ABB experiences_CIM_UGM_062008.ppt710 KB tool, CIM
How the CIM can be used in the UCTE to facilitate model exchange between TSOs
Jay Britton
CIM for UCTE.ppt487 KB tool, CIM; exchange; international
CIM and the D2.24 Information Architecture
Report on the information architecture for large scale energy management systems of the future being defined by CIGRE D2.24
Jay Britton
CIM and the D224 Information Architecture.ppt696 KB tool, CIM; integration; keynote
UCA/CIM TSC   Enterprise Application Integration Task Force
Summary of agenda items for joint EAI and Tools WGs breakout session.
Andre Maizener & kendall Demaree
cimug_vasteras_meeting_eai_wg_summary_20080612.ppt341 KB tool, CIM
WG Summaries
Summary of tasks and duties of the Process WG
Ed Dobrowolski
cimug_vasteras_meeting_process_wg_summary_20080612.ppt82 KB tool, CIM
Application of Model Driven Integration to Oil Platforms at Statoil
This presentation illustrates the use of CIM modeling concepts and GID interfaces for application to oil platform management.
Jone Aarre
Application of Model Driven Integration to Oil Platforms at Statoil.pdf1127 KB benefit; case study; tool, CIM; GID; implementation; integration; modelYes
CIM-ETSO Convergence, TC 57 – WG16
Status report on project within WG16 to apply the CIM to the ETSO information exchange requirements through creation of a European profile for market operations.
Christelle Chalhoub, Cyril Effantin
Chalhoub-Effantin_CIM ETSO CIMugJun2008_v3.ppt1702 KB CEFACT; tool, CIM; exchange; IEC; international; model; organization; profile; UCTE; UML; XML
ETSO Electronic Data Interchange Task Force
ETSO EDI TF work. ETSO, UCTE links.
IEC & ETSO harmonization process
Maurizio Monti (ETSO EDI TF convenor)
ETSO_TF_EDI.ppt1504 KB CEFACT; international; UCTE
CIM Interoperability Testing Status
Update on IOP activities.
Lars-Ola Osterlund
IOP_report_20080611.ppt155 KB testing
CIM Profiles: Theory and Practice
Description of what CIM profiles are, why they are used, and how they are created and maintained based on project experiences.
Arnold DeVos
ProfileTheoryPractice.pdf550 KB tool, CIM; CPSM; implementation; interop; model; OWL; profile; UML
CIM for Planning and Dynamic Model Exchange
Report on EPRI projects - CIM for Planning, and a new project CIM for Dynamic Models.
Terry Saxton
Saxton - CIM for planning and dynamic models.ppt163 KB tool, CIM; IEC; integration; model; planning; UML; XML
Keynote on CIGRE 2.24 Large Scale Energy Management System Architecture of the Future
History of formation of CIGRE WG 2.24
Thierry Lefebvre
Lefebvre - Keynote Vasteras.PPT655 KB tool, CIM; keynote
IEC TC57 WG 13 Status
Status report of WG13 for June 2008
Terry Saxton
TC57 WG13 Status June 2008.ppt611 KB tool, CIM; IEC
TC57 Overview
Overview of TC57 working groups and standards activities.
Ed Dobrowolski
TC57_overview_20080508.ppt859 KB organization; IEC
UCTE2CIM and CIM2UCTE Converters
Description of the work done on UCTE to CIM converters
  How to map UCTE Data exchange format & CIM CPSM profile
  why it was anticipated,  specification, technical solutions,
  data manipulated.
Eric Lambert (EDF)
UCTE_CIM_Converters.pdf462 KB tool, CIM; international
TC57 WG14 Status
Update on WG14 activities.
Eric Lambert
wg14_status_20080610_r2.ppt196 KB IEC
TC57 WG 16 Report
Update on WG16 activities.
Jim Waight
WG16_status_20080610.ppt542 KB IEC
ETSO & ETSO EDI TF main achievements and perspectives  in information exchange for the European Electricity Market
Report on ETSO & ETSO EDI TF main achievements and perspectives  in information exchange for the European Electricity Market
Maurizio Monti
TF EDI_CIM user group-v3.ppt1527 KB exchange; international; organization; UCTE
UCTE Overview and UCTE Requirements
UCTE general presentation, and description of UCTE requirements regarding CIM model and profile
Mr Chavdar Ivanov (UCTE),  Mr Erik Wolfs (Elia)
UCTE_Overview_Requirements.pdf1222 KB tool, CIM; international
IBM Rational Software Update
Presentation by IBM describing their Rational UML modeling tool that replaces Rose.
Mikael Lewerth
RSM and UML.ppt3094 KB model; tool; UML
CIM Web Site Status
Update on web site project; next steps.
Randy Rhodes
Web Site Status.ppt2881 KB organization
TC57 WG 19 Status
Update on WG 19 activities.
Paul Skare
WG19_status_20080610.ppt539 KB IEC
Members Supporting CIM