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CIMug is pleased to have Microsoft offer tours featuring research work underway at Microsoft's facilities. Tours are offered for two areas - the Microsoft Home and the Center for Information Work.
  • Attendees may tour either facility at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, December 15 and Tuesday, December 16.
  • Tours of both facilities take place simultaneously on each day.
  • Tour groups are limited to 20 attendees each.
  • Tour sign-up is required (add specific details - will this be handled 
  • Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement is required (click here to preview this agreement). Signatures will be requested prior to the beginning of the tours.
The Microsoft Home

The Microsoft Home is a facility located on the Redmond campus to help people experience the potential of technology in the home first hand. The facility is not open to the public and provides an immersive environment where Microsoft researchers can imagine and innovate with technologies such as distributed media, interactive television and voice recognition. A team of researchers from the company’s Strategic Prototyping Group uses the latest technical breakthroughs to develop scenarios and concepts that can improve consumers’ lives.

The Home is a visual example of how Microsoft is thinking about the home experience for people 5-10 years down the road.

The Center for Information Work

Located on Microsoft Corp.'s Redmond, Wash., campus, the Microsoft Center for Information Work (CIW) showcases the company’s evolving vision for the future of information work by demonstrating innovative productivity software that will make this vision real for customers and organizations in five to seven years. It features future software developments that solve real customer problems and improve productivity. In this immersive setting of the CIW, visitors become part of a fictitious company and work individually as well as collaboratively to resolve business process challenges. Through the experience of using prototype technologies demonstrated in the CIW, customers emerge with an in-depth sense of how future software could help empower information workers in areas such as individual productivity, business intelligence, team collaboration and workflows. (For a sneak video preview of the CIW, click here.)

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