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Here are some questions and answers about conference registration. If you have other questions, feel free to Edit this page and post your question here.

Q:  I found the Registration page, but I don't see how to register for CIM University. How do I do that?

A:  The Registration page is the right place to start. Find your role in the conference and click on Select. That will take you to a secure shopping cart. You will see your selection listed there. On the bottom of the page (scroll down if needed) you will see CIM University and the two Microsoft tours. Clicking on those will add them to your shopping list. You will also be prompted to select Monday or Tuesday, if you want to attend the Microsoft tours. From there you can proceed to purchase your selections.

Q:  I have already registered, but I didn't sign up for CIM University or the Microsoft tours. How can I do that?

A:  The shopping cart allows you to add and delete items. So you can start at the Registration page; select an option; go to the shopping cart; add CIM University (shown on the bottom of the page); add in the tours if you need to; and then delete any item you don't need. Then finish your purchase.

Q:  What is an invited speaker? (I noticed that CIMug gives invited speakers free registration.)

A:  The CIM Processes Working Group plans this conference and extends invitations to speak. Those individuals are listed on the public agenda as they accept the invitation and confirm their plans to attend. Occasionally there are changes, and the agenda is updated as those occur.  Invited speakers can register for free.

Q:  There are many presentations by CIMug volunteers? Are they invited speakers?

A:  When individuals who have been fulfilling a role within CIMug give presentations at CIMug meetings, they are not considered invited speakers. An exception to this is granted to presenters at the pre-conference tutorial (CIM University). No other stipend is given for the time contributed by these speakers, so a registration waiver is granted to them in exchange for their time. They can register as an invited speaker.

Q:  I am somewhat uncomfortable with online payments. Can I pay cash on arrival at the conference registration desk? 

A:  If you arrive at the conference as a walk-in attendee who is not registered, we will ask you to submit payment on-line through a computer located at the registration desk. We do not accept cash or check, either prior to the conference or at the on-site registration desk.

Q:  What do I need to bring to the Registration desk? 

A:  At registration you will be provided with a conference name badge and a generic security badge (to identify you as a conference attendee). One other important thing - cars must be registered.  Remember where you park and bring details about your car or your rental car (make, model, and license plate), because this info will be requested for security reasons. If you have not yet paid, you will need to bring a credit card to complete registration.

Q:  How do I find the Executive Briefing Center on the Microsoft Campus? 

A:  There is a Microsoft Corporate Campus map on the bottom of the Travel page (click here). The building where we meet is marked MSCC-EBC and circled in red. All the buildings are numbered. As you drive onto campus, there are signs at each corner, and the Executive Briefing Center is listed.

Q:  How do I find the meeting rooms when I arrive? 

A:  The Microsoft Executive Briefing Center is a two-story building. Parking is below the building. When you take the elevator up, it will open into the front entryway (click here to view) where security is located. A video display and signs will direct you to the CIMug conference registration table. That is located in the Conference Center part of the building. CIM University and the opening conference session will take place in the Rainer Room, beside the registration table.

Q:  How do I find the meeting rooms during the conference? 

A:  For the location of other meetings during the conference, check this page.

Q:  What refreshments are provided before or during these events? Should I eat breakfast before arriving? 

A:  In the morning, coffee/tea service is provided. At morning breaks we will have coffee/tea/fruit/pastries.

Q:  I'm at the conference and discovered that I'm not registered. What should I do? 

A:  The process is the same as before the conference. You can use the Internet kiosks in the hall to access the CIMug site, go to the registration page, and pay for your registration.

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