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Project / WG
02-Messaging for Distribution-Overview and Philosophy.pdf
03-61968-9 Meter Reading and Control.pdf
04-61968-100 Implementation Profile Overview.pdf
01-CIM Standards Overview CIM U.pdf
CIM tool compilation 11 May 2011.xls
Part 9 Normative Enumerations Excerpt.doc
Normative Enumerations for Part 9 Messages
Tutorial Britton CIM Profiles and CIM Projects.pptx
Profiles vs the Canonical Model Other (unauthorized?) Uses of CIM Version Management in CIM Architectures Smart Grid and CIM
05-62325 Part 301 CIM Market Model.pdf
Tutorial Britton CIM Model Exchange.pptx
A Family of CIM EMS Exchange Standards based on CIM/XML (61970-552)  - Static Network Model Exchange (61970-452) - Dynamic Model Exchange? - Schematic Layout Exchange (61970-453) - Solved State Exchange (61970-456) - EMS Static Model Update (proposed) - -
The Role of Modeling in Systems Integration and Business Process Analysis
Effantin_MTEI _Available List of Tools and their position in TC57 modelling stack.ppt
Speaker Powerpoint Template
A starter file for speakers at the CIMug Redmond meeting. Use of this template is recommended - but not required.
CIM Processestool, CIM
Members Supporting CIM