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fbaadmin15/13/2011 3:10 AM5/13/2011 3:09 AM
Please share your comments about the effectiveness of this CIM User Group meeting to you personally. What did you like and what suggestions for future meetings do you have.
fbaadmin05/10/2011 7:17 AM5/10/2011 7:17 AM

After having realized that our organization will use the CIM and other important standards, we are faced with the fact that good knowledge on the CIM (and other standards) is not so widespread. We have quite a few people with some experience in using the CIM, but they don't work together in one department, change jobs within the organization and so on.

I would like to collect working practices and best practices on how to organize CIM expertise in what might be called a competence center. The question is focussed on sharing knowledge and experience and accessing it within one company.

Questions I would like to ask:

- How to unite the CIM (and other  standards) knowledge in a kind of competence center? How do you organize that?
- How to ascertain that CIM interpretations are the same within all parts of the company / group of companies?
- How to organize business and IT stakeholders around the CIM? How do you prevent ‘islands’ to be formed?

I would welcome all contributions.

Richard Uijen
TenneT TSO, Netherlands
Members Supporting CIM