CIM University

How Innovative Utilities are Deploying CIM Solutions!

November 7, 2017

Columbus, OH


Track 1

CIM Basics and Enterprise Integration

Track 2

CIM and Network Analysis

  Track 3 

CIM Tools







Introduction and Logistics

Terry Saxton (Xtensible Solutions, Inc.)


Introduction and Logistics

Terry Saxton (Xtensible Solutions, Inc.)


Introduction and Logistics

Terry Saxton (Xtensible Solutions, Inc.)




Introduction to the CIM Standards and Architecture

Terry Saxton (Xtensible Solutions, Inc.)

This session provides an overview of the CIM standards, how they are organized, and how they are used to exchange information between applications/systems. Topics will include:

What is “the CIM?”
- Role of the CIM in the Smart Grid architecture
- Importance of CIM as a semantic model 
- Motivation for the coverage of CIM, what can be modeled, how does that save time and money in integration?
- Three-layer architecture for organizing CIM standards
- Work flow from semantic model to message/file assembly using CIM
- CIM UML information model and contents
- IEC 61970 and 61968 standards
- Example: Substation model using CIM
- Demo of UML modelling Tool – Sparx EA


Power System Modeling Basics

Pat Brown (Electric Power Research Institute)

CIM and network models: 
- Anatomy of power flow data (through the eyes of the CIM) 
- Partitioning into profiles



Enterprise Architect - the CIM UML Tool

Margaret Goodrich (Project Consultants, LLC)

Learn about the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect UML design and analysis-modeling tool.











ERCOT’s NMMS - Network Model Management In Action

Margaret Goodrich (Project Consultants, LLC)

Overview of the history and functionality of ERCOT’s CIM-based Network Model Management System (NMMS).


UML Philosophy

Instructor TBD

We will discuss the philosophies and methodologies for UML modeling.











ENTSO-E’s Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES)

Instructor TBD

Report on Europe’s CIM-based standardization and ENTSO-E’s pan-European data exchange implementation.


Schema Composer - the Sparx Profiling Tool

Instructor TBD

This session will demonstrate how to generate CIM Profiles from the CIM UML using the Sparx EA Tool











Introduction to the CIM and Related Standards (Cont’d)

Terry Saxton (Xtensible Solutions, Inc.)

The session continues the introduction started in the earlier session by exploring information exchange techniques and enterprise semantic modeling. 

Topics will include:
- Profiles for defining system interfaces
- IEC 61970 network model exchange
- IEC 61968 message payloads for system integration
- Implementation syntax of instance data. CIM expressed in XML and RDF schema
- Value of an Enterprise Semantic Model (ESM) and use of CIM as a Basis for it
- Case studies


Network Model - EQ Profile (Foundation)

Instructor TBD

The basics of the physical network model profile for steady state: 
- Modeling a substation with CIM objects 
- Connectivity in bus-branch or node-breaker 
- Containment 
- Energy input and output


T3 - Schema Composer - the Sparx Profiling Tool (Cont’d)

Instructor TBD

The session continues after the morning break.


11:00 AM





11:15 AM




CIMTool - A CIM Profiling Tool

Margaret Goodrich (Project Consultants, LLC)

Learn about CIMTool. CIMTool is an open-source tool for managing CIM-derived models, profiles, schemas.






Network Model - EQ Profile (Special Topics)

Charles DuBose (Siemens PTI)

More complex parts of the physical network model profile: 
- Transformers 
- Short circuit 
- Dynamics 
- Unbalanced
























T1 - Information Model & Reference Model

Margaret Goodrich (Project Consultants, LLC)

Learn about the CIM as an Information Model & as a Reference Model.



Network Model - EQ Profile (Special Topics, (Cont’d))

Charles DuBose (Siemens PTI)

The session continues after lunch.



CimConteXtor/CimSyntaxGen Profiling Tools in the EA Environment

André Maizener (Zamiren)

We will look at CimConteXtor (the Sparx EA product add-in) and CimSyntaxGen. CimConteXtor lets you create and manage UML models and their based-on UML profiles in the EA UML environment. CimSyntaxGen is a companion add-in tool for generating schemas.





Network Operations (IEC 61968-PART 3)

Margaret Goodrich (Project Consultants, LLC)

Learn about Part 3 of IEC 61968: Network Operations.


Network Model - DL Profile

Instructor TBD

This session takes a look at the DL (schematic layout) profile.





T1 - Assets (IEC 61968-PART 4)

Instructor TBD

Learn about Part 4 of IEC 61968: Assets.






DER (IEC 61968-PART 5)

Instructor TBD

Learn about Part 5 of IEC 61968: Distributed Energy Resources.


Network Model - SSH, TP, SV Profiles

Charles DuBose (Siemens PTI)

The profiles related to power flow analysis cases:

SSH – Steady State Hypothesis

- SSH – Status

- SSH – Controls

- SSH – Limits

- SSH – Energy distribution

TP – Topology

SV – State Variables







Maintenance & Construction (IEC 61968-PART 6) & Customer Support Interfaces (IEC 61968-PART 8)

Margaret Goodrich (Project Consultants, LLC)

Learn about both Part 6 of IEC 61968: Maintenance & Construction and learn about Part 8: Customer Support Interfaces.



Modsarus/RiseClipse Profiling Tools

This session will cover use-case modeling methodology of IEC standards with a Modsarus demonstration.









Meter Reading & Control (IEC 61968-Part 9)

Instructor TBD

Learn about Part 9 of IEC 61968: Meter Reading & Control.







Network Model - Variations (Projects & Outages)

Pat Brown (Electric Power Research Institute)

Two types of conditional changes to the network model (projects and outages).





Best Practices For Enterprise Architecture

Instructor TBD

Looking to implement a CIM Enterprise Architecture? We show you the best practices.










CIM-Based Integration – A Deep Dive

Margaret Goodrich (Project Consultants, LLC)

A deep dive into CIM-based integration.


Network Model Parts and Assembly

Jay Britton (Britton Consulting LLC)

Issues related to the segmented nature of network models and approaches that can be taken for managing maintenance and assembly activities: 
Modularization by instances: 
- Division into MAS with boundaries 
- Frameworks 
- Recursion 
Model Assemblies: 
- Datasets 
- Functions 
- Scripts 
Audit Trails.












Interface Specification Documentation

Margaret Goodrich (Project Consultants, LLC)

Interface Specification Documentation details.







Environmental Data (IEC 62325-45x)

Pat Brown (Electric Power Research Institute)

Learn about IEC 62325-45x: Environmental Data.









Panel Session - CIM In Practice

Come to a panel discussion about CIM in the real world.