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Speaker Biography
Maurice Adriaensen  

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Mondejar

José Antonio received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electronic engineering from Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid, Spain. He is an assistant professor at the Department of Electronics and Control Engineering and researcher at the Institute for Research in Technology (IIT) of the Comillas Pontifical University. Dr. Rodríguez-Mondéjar is a member of WG 10, 15 and 21 within IEC TC57. His research areas are communication, control and data modeling in electric power systems and railway systems. He has participated in several consultancy and research projects for several Spanish and foreign firms related with the electricity and railway industry. He was one of the pioneers of introducing the CIM model in the railway power system in 2004.

Janko Blatnik

Janko Blatnik is a director and founder of company GDB d.o.o. He has been active in IT for Power engineering since year 1999. In year 2005 he was a project manager of first application of CIM standard in south east Europe. Since 2007 he is very active on implementation of CIM standards for power utilities and was a main designer of WEB.CIM platform used for integration of different IT systems used at power utilities and as middleware for SCADA, MDMS, OMS systems. His international experiences includes implementation of CIM based enterprise integration messaging and queuing systems as well as consultancy services for enterprise IT systems in Venezuela, Slovenia, Austria, Territory of ex-Yugoslavia, Iran, Thailand and China . His current research and work involves the transformation of number of vertical isolated IT systems into integrated horizontal IT system and distributed architecture of technical IT systems used in power sector.

Pat Brown

Pat Brown, Principal Technical Lead in EPRI’s Power Delivery and Utilization program, has over 25 years experience supporting electric utility control center applications. She is currently engaged in a range of projects leveraging industry standards, including the Common Information Model (CIM), in the deployment of data sharing solutions for Transmission. Pat currently serves as the lead US expert on IEC TC57 Working Group 13 (CIM for Transmission) and as the EPRI liaison to UCA International. She has a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Michigan is a certified Project Management Professional.

Miloš Bunda

Miloš Bunda is a senior consultant for TenneT TSO BV. He has been working on network models for EMS/SCADA systems and off-line tools since 1991 and works in the energy sector since 1990. His expertise includes EMS/SCADA systems (State Estimation, Contingency Analysis and Power Flow), off-line tools and tools development. Since 2009 he is involved in the TSO Security Cooperation Initiative, responsible for the functional development of the Common Tool for Data Exchange and Security Assessment. Since 2012 he is convener of the ENTSO-E taskforce for operational data quality, monitoring the quality of the exchanged data models for the D-1 congestion forecast. Since 2013 he is convener of the taskforce Common Grid Model, setting up methodologies for the pan-European data exchange for operational planning processes. In 2014 he was assigned to run the PT CGM, which ensures the implementation of the CGM within ENTSO-E.

Gerben Dekker

Gerben Dekker is working for DNV GL in the Energy Advisory service line. Before moving to Norway, he worked as a consultant at DNV KEMA’s headquarters in Arnhem, The Netherlands, in the Power System Planning and Operation team. Gerben holds a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering, majoring in control systems. This background enables him to analyze problems from a systems' point of view, with a focus on the overall system behavior and its impact on the stakeholders involved. As such, he is often involved in projects where engineering aspects meet economic, legal, or regulatory issues. Frequency stability and balancing markets are a prime example of this type of projects. Recently, he has been working in a joint industry project with Statnett, exploring the future of power system planning, system operations, control engineering and power system balancing.
Kendall Demaree  

Francisco J. Gomez

Francisco Gómez is currently a Phd Student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Computer Science in 2008 and a Masters degree in Industrial Computing, Control and Automation by University of Girona, in Spain, in 2012. During his studies, he has gained experience as a Software Engineer in different software companies, working with data management applications. He has also participated in European research projects, developing web services technologies, sensor acquisition and power quality fields. He is currently involved in the FP7 iTesla project in the development of a CIM-complaint model validation software tool.

Thor Gunnar Steinsli

Thor Gunnar Steinsli has a MSc.Tech. degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and has a background from ICT and data handling in the health research sector. Today he is working as a system architect at the ICT department of NTE Holding AS, a Norwegian utility company serving approximately 80.000 customers in the Nord-Trøndelag county. The main responsibility in his daily work is planning, maintaining and developing the ICT architecture of Demo Steinkjer. Doing that, he has been heavily involved in the project of developing the Demo Steinkjer time series database solution and the including API, utilizing the CIM standard.

Antti Harjula

Antti Harjula is a power system planning expert at the Finnish transmission system operator Fingrid Oyj. He works with long and mid-term planning of Finnish transmission network and is strongly involved with wind power connection studies, wind power plant modelling and grid connection requirements. During his seven years at Fingrid he has been also responsible for simulation grid model management, danger voltage analysis and other system studies. He has been working with ELVIS project since 2008, from the requirement definition phase, and is Fingrid team lead of ELVIS simulation grid model and calculations part. His special interest is to streamline the grid model management between different process areas among ELVIS system.
Dean Hengst  

Jean-Baptiste Heyberger

Jean-Baptiste Heyberger received the M.Sc. degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2002 and the electrical engineering degree from Supélec, Paris, France, in 2003. He is currently with RTE (the French TSO), Paris, working on the iTesla project.

Chavdar Ivanov

Chavdar Ivanov is Research and Development Senior Advisor in the ENTSO-E Secretariat ( supporting ENTSO-E Research and Development Committee and coordinating Common Information Model (CIM) activities within ENTSO-E. He has over ten years experience in transmission system operator business. He received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering in 2002 and 2006, respectively. Since 2010 Dr. Ivanov has been directing ENTSO-E Interoperability tests. His special fields of interest include power system stability and control of power system oscillations in particular. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the UCA International Users Group, Steering committee member of the European Technology Platform Smart Grids and the European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI). He is a senior member of the IEEE Power & Energy Society and a member of CIGRE.

Nis Jespersen

Nis Jespersen is an IT Architect within IBM’s Global Business Services unit, holding a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering. He has a decade of experience in the Energy & Utilities industry, consulting with transmission and distribution companies around the globe. He has held leading roles on major CIM-based projects, defining solution architectures and leading development teams. He was the lead architect of IBM’s ELVIS solution, which won Fingrid’s competitive solution request. He architected it based on modern, industry-specific architectural principles, leading software products, and with a strong emphasis on leveraging CIM. Today he leads the ELVIS integration teams, bringing the ELVIS solution to life.

Hakon Kile

Håkon Kile was born in Arendal in 1985. In 2010, he graduated with an MSc in Applied Physics and Mathematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In 2014, he completed a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering at the same university. The title of the PhD-thesis was "Evaluation and Grouping of Power Market Scenarios in Security of Electricity Supply Analysis". Currently he is working as a project manager at Statnett SF, the Norwegian TSO.

Tahir Kapetanovic

Tahir Kapetanovic is Head of National Control Centre at Austrian Power Grid AG. He is also Convenor of ENTSO-E Operational Security Network Code, member of the Board of the ENTSO-E CGM Project and vice-chair of the TSC Steering Committee. From 2001 to 2011 he was Director Electricity at the Austrian Energy Regulatory Authority E-Control, where he also chaired a number of European regulators’ groups in charge of electricity network and market. From 2005 to 2011 he was a founding member and chair of the WG Network Operations in the EU TP Smart Grids and chair of WG3 of the EC TF for Smart Grids. From 1992 to 2001 he was on different assignments in the private sector, including development and implementation of CIM-based applications in infocom sector from 1992 to 1996. Before 1992 he spent four years in academia and lectured in power systems control and operations. He has over 25 years of experience in power system modelling and real-time operation. He holds Dipl.-Ing., MSc and PhD in Electric Power Systems from University of Zagreb and Vienna University of Technology and Executive MBA from the Vienna School of Economics and University of Minnesota.
Eric Lambert Eric Lambert After graduating in computer science with a master in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Eric began his career in Power System Management with Hydro Quebec in 1989 where he worked on EMS/DMS communication project and on a Fault Analysis expert system. He entered EDF R&D end of 1994 where he was responsible of the SCADA migration and architecture design in the context of EDF distribution remote control system renewal. Since 2004 He's managing several EDF R&D projects related to Smartgrid Standards.
Alan McMorran Alan McMorran received his bachelors degree in Computer & Electronic System and a Ph.D. in Electronic & Electrical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. His work has focused on model-driven architectures for data management, visualisation, transformation and related technologies. Alan is currently Managing Director at Open Grid Systems Ltd. an award-winning company he founded in 2010 that provides desktop, server and mobile software for the power industry focussing on network data management and visualisation. He is the UK Principal Expert on three IEC working groups and published a number of papers relating to standards and model driven technologies for the power industry including the first edition of the CIM Primer from EPRI.
Per Myrseth  
Svein Olsen  

Necj Petrovi

Nejc Petrovic received a B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering in the field of power engineering at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2012. After graduation he had been employed as an engineer at a power distribution company Elektro Gorenjska, Kranj. His work focuses on researching Smart grid technologies and solutions with the main focus on systems integration. He is also a member of SIST TC/PSE - the mirror technical committee of IEC TC57 at the Slovenian Institute for Standardization Standardization and member of IEC TC57 WG13 and WG14.

Dr. Arshad Saleem

Arshad Saleem is a researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm Sweden. He is leader of work package 1 in DISCERN and is also responsible of the task 5.1 DISCERN semantic model creation. Arshad Saleem holds a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Technical University of Denmark. His research interests include application of Information and Communication Technology ICT, data engineering and information modelling in electric power systems. He is an active member of IEEE and is member of the work group 13 within the IEC TC57.

Dr. Rafael Santodomingo

Rafael Santodomingo joined the OFFIS Institute for Information Technology of Oldenburg, Germany, in April 2013. He received his Industrial Engineering and PhD degrees from Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid, Spain. His research interests include the semantic integration in Smart Grids and the Semantic Web. Dr Santodomingo is a member of working groups 10 and 19 within the IEC TC57.
Terry Saxton  

Andrej Souvent

Andrej Souvent received B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering in the field of automatics and process informatics from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1999. He is head of the Electric Power System Control and Operation department at EIMV – Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, head of SIST TC/PSE - the mirror technical committee of IEC TC57 - at Slovenian Institute for Standardization and member of IEC TC57 WG13 and WG14. His research is focused on smart grids concepts and technologies, process informatics and systems integration. He co-authored the Slovenian Smart Grid Implementation Roadmap.
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