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Comparing Inside-out and Outside-in approaches to CIM-XML Data Management.pptx
Comparing Inside-out and Outside-in approaches to CIM-XML Data Management - Eric Stephan
Perform a database management system (DBMS) alternatives analysis to support the needs of the GridAPPS-D™ team.
CIM Task Force Updates.pdf
CIM Task Force Updates - Margaret Goodrich
Providing a status update for all CIM UG Task Forces and Focus Communities
Coe_CIM Demand-Side Extensions 2017-11-03.ppsx
DER Extensions for Markets - Scott Coe
This presentation provides an overview of extensions to the market model as it relates to DER.
Model Manager Report-Final.pdf
Model Manager Report - Margaret Goodrich
Status Report for the IEC Model Managers including WG13, WG14, WG16 and WG21
Establishing a Sustainable Enterprise Network Mode.pptx
Establishing a Sustainable Enterprise - Blong Thao
Establishing a Sustainable Enterprise Network Model: Now and for the future
CIM in a Triple-Store Database for Distribution Power Flow - Thomas McDermott
Background on research at PNNL using BlazeGraph and SPARQL for queries against the CIM model itself.
SEPA OpenFMB Updates.pptx
SEPA OpenFMB Updates - Terry Saxton
Presenting all the aspects of OpenFMB
Unmanned Aerial Systems Data Exchange.pptx
UAS Data Exchange Standards for Distribution - Randy Rhodes
EPRI is launching a project to develop exchangeable UAS mission plans and data for electric utilities. The project intends to eventually sponsor interoperability tests between UAS providers and GIS, OMS, MWM, or EAM systems.
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