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CIMug Introduction and updates.pptx
CIMug Introduction and updates - Terry Saxton
CIMug Introduction and updates Columbus
AEP Keynote Bradish.pdf
Data Analytics Requires Data Integration - Robert Bradish
Reviewing the central role of network model management at AEP in supporting data governance and analytics to improve asset health.
AEP Keynote Moehring CIMUG Analytics Presentation.pdf
“Putting Data to Work” at AEP - Becky Moehring
Reviewing the formation of a Center of Excellence at AEP for data science and analytics.
Siemens_2017 CIMug Keynote Address_Final_compressed.pptx
Deploying CIM to Bridge the Modeling Gap Between Operations and Planning - Scott Hulett
Reviewing how Siemens is helping utilities leverage CIM to address modeling gaps between operations and planning organizations.
CIMStudio Graphical Model Mgmt in RT env. OSI.pptx
CIM Studio Graphical Model Editor and CIM Studio features - Ron Ingram
CIMStudio Graphical Model Mgmt in RT env. OSI
AEP T-Nexus-AEP-Siemens-CIMug.pptx
AEP T-Nexus-AEP-Siemens-CIMug - Eric Hatter, Margaret Goodrich, Charles DuBose
Explaining the purpose and goals of AEP T-Nexus
California ISOs CIM Based Model Management v1.pptx
California ISO’s CIM Based Model Management - Ankit Mishra, Charlie Mogannam, Hani Alarian
California ISO’s ongoing work with CIM-based model management.
Outage Scheduling for Operations.pptx
Outage Scheduling for Operations, Planning and Market Systems - David Bogen
Oncor has been working with a vendor in transmission outage management, and introducing CIM extensions.
Outage Data Initiative-CIM Standard for Outage Data - Final.pptx
Creating a Standard Interface To Exchange Outage Data - Scott Sternfeld
EPRI has an ongoing project to standardize power outage reporting for utilities, emergency management and mutual aid crews.
CIM Technology Innovations.pptx
CIM Technology Innovations - Fahrudin Mekic
Vendor presentation
OSI CIM Studio Monarch Integration.pptx
OSI CIM Studio Monarch Integration - Ron Ingram
Vendor presentation
Members Supporting CIM