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Siemens Power Distribution Division / Energy Automation is demonstrating its Information Model Manager (IMM). It provides the means to maintain CIM based power system model data for the configuration of EMS/DMS applications, Single-Line Displays, SCADA including the communication interfaces to RTU's, ICCP and OPC. IMM supports a job-based multi-user data maintenance environment allowing chronological model tracking from future to past horizons. Hierarchical Model Maintenance functions for automated exchange of modified data in a system of hierarchically arranged control centers prevent model inconsistencies between or within organizations.

SISCO is proud to be a consistent sponsor of the CIM Users Group Meeting having participated in and sponsored every meeting since the inception of the CIMug. We look forward to presenting our CIM compatible products including the Utility Integration Bus, OSIsoft PI Interfaces and IEC 61968 messaging solutions and demonstrating how we can help users and OEMs adapt CIM technology to improve their operations.
Sparx Systems is pleased to support CIMug's mission to develop acceptance of the CIM model across the utilities industry. As Enterprise Architect was adopted in 2008 to maintain the CIM, we will present the most recent product release - Enterprise Architect 8 - and look forward to answering your questions and demonstrating effective approaches to collaborative modeling.

Conference Information for CIM-based Suppliers


The CIM User Group invites UCA International Users Group corporate members with CIM-based products or services to sponsor a table during the social event at the CIMug meeting in Milan, Italy. This is the only event of this type for CIM-based products outside the U.S.


Sponsoring members will be provided a table in the area of the social event planned for Thursday evening from 5:00 – 8:00 PM. Although there will not be space for setting up a booth, there will be space for a backdrop and the table can be used for demonstrating products via a laptop and for displaying product brochures. CIM-based service providers that are corporate members of the UCAIug without products are also welcome to sponsor a table.


The types of demonstrations and services expected include the following:


  1. IEC 61968 CIM-based message exchanges
  2. Power system model transfers using the IEC 61970-552-4 CIM/XML formats and the IEC 61970-452 profile (i.e., NERC profile) definition.
  3. CIM tools for implementing the CIM as part of an enterprise information model, for generation of CIM-based XML files and/or message payloads, and for validity/compliance testing
  4. Consulting and training services
  5. Other demos of CIM compliant products as proposed by suppliers  

Details on planning for this event follow:


What: Sponsor tables and demos of CIM-based products/services with appetizers and hosted bar in same area as social event.


WhenThursday, June 17, afternoon and evening from 5:00 to 8:00 PM, in conjunction with the CIM User Group meeting. Note there are no parallel sessions scheduled on June 17 that conflict with this event, so good attendance from all attendees is expected.


Where: The event will take place in the same venue as the meeting itself - CESI office. The space provided will include the vendor tables as well as standup tables and appetizers and a bar with mixed drinks for socializing.


Cost: A sponsor fee of $500.00 USD for UCAIUG members (non-UCAIUG not eligible), will be collected at the time of registration from each sponsor to help cover the expenses of the room, appetizers, and bar. This is in addition to the standard attendee registration fee for attending the CIM User Group meetings. The only additional expenses should be the normal travel expenses for attendees. Non-members can join the UCA International Users Group prior to the event and participate in the CIMug meeting with full member privileges - click here to join.


Audience: Attendees of the CIM User Group meeting, which will include key decision makers from major utilities, energy companies, ENTSO-E members and TSOs as well as system integrators, consultants, and vendors. Over 80 attendees are expected for this meeting. 


Facilities Provided:  The CESI office will be used for the sponsor tables and area for socializing with bar and hot appetizers will be provided. The table provided will be approximately 2.5 feet by 5 feet with up to three chairs and an extension cord with multiple AC outlets. You are welcome to bring white papers and some limited marketing brochures to hand out, but space is limited for racks to hold brochures. If you have a reasonable size panel (not more than approximately 4 by 6 feet), there may be room for this against the wall.


External wireless internet access will be provided for each vendor.


The room will be available Thursday Noon (June 17) for vendors to prepare and setup.


Registration Required:  If you are interested in participating, please click here to register. You may include your vendor registration fee in the same purchase with your registration as an attendee. Please register by May 31 so we can be sure to have adequate facilities for everyone. We have space for ten tables. We will accept requests for tables in the order received until the limit is reached.  


If you have any additional questions or want more information, please contact Terry Saxton (


List of Participating Suppliers

When you have included the vendor fee in your registration, Kay Clinard will contact you to obtain the information you wish to post on this site. The list at the top of this page will include that information. Kay will add the information when it has been received and payment is complete.

Members Supporting CIM