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psce09_cim_panel_1_2_dobrowolski_20090303.pptIntro and Status of CIM Documentation
Describes how the IEC documents relating to CIM are organized and numbered. Explains status codes and the availability of draft documents.
Ed Dobrowolskipsce09_cim_panel_1_2_dobrowolski_20090303 
psce09_cim_panel_3_saxton_20090315.pdfJustifying the Use of the CIM
Explains how to understand what the CIM standards are; what they are good for; and where they can be used. Addresses misconceptions about CIM and discusses existing applications and CIM's role in the Smart Grid.
Terry Saxtonpsce09_cim_panel_3_saxton_20090315 
psce09_cim_panel_4_britton.pptSpecifying the CIM
Goes into depth on the real value proposition for CIM and gives suggestions for how to work with vendors on CIM-related aspects of EMS implementations.
Jay Brittonpsce09_cim_panel_4_britton 
psce09_cim_panel_5a_demaree.pptCIM Model Management for 2008
Kendall, the CMM for 2008, reviews IEC TC57 working group accomplishments for the past year and the content of CIM V13.
Kendall Demareepsce09_cim_panel_5a_demaree 
psce09_cim_panel_5b_hunter_20090317.pptCIM Model Management for 2009
Explains the responsibilities of the CIM Model Manager; the issues submittal and resolution process; and CIM development plans for 2009.
Kurt Hunterpsce09_cim_panel_5b_hunter_20090317 
psce09_cim_panel_6_rhodes.pptCIMug Interaction with IEC
Explains UCAIug's liaison status with IEC and reviews the level of collaboration going on between the CIM Users Group and the IEC TC57 working groups.
Randy Rhodespsce09_cim_panel_6_rhodes 
psce09_cim_panel_7_ercot_moseley.pptTime-Based Management of Large Scale Networks
A detailed review of ERCOT's very large scale CIM-based model management.
John Moseleypsce09_cim_panel_7_ercot_moseley 
Members Supporting CIM