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Dec 15
Welcome to my blog!

This is where I'll be sharing my thoughts on topics that matter to me. Who knows... I might even share pictures, videos and links to other interesting stuff.

If I catch your interest, let me hear from you.

May 19
Genval Meeting Notes are Posted
Thanks to Ed Dobrowolski for finishing up the official meeting notes. Those are posted in the Presentations folder. Click here to view the Word document. 
For a list of all past CIM Users Group meetings and notes, click here.
May 13
Join Us at the Fall 2009 CIM Meeting in the U.S.
EPRI will host the fall 2009 meeting of the CIM User Group in Charlotte, North Carolina. The dates are November 10-13.
May 13
Someone wants us to hurry up...
Jesse Berst in a SmartGrid News feature article says:
"Until recently, electric power was proceeding down the standards path very, very slowly. That changed with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA or “stimulus bill”), which mandated the rapid development of standards and (more importantly) provided funding to make it happen. As a result, at least half a dozen organizations are racing to get standards in place. They want them locked down in time to influence the choice of technologies for Smart Grid stimulus projects.


As a result, the normal timeline will be greatly compressed. Standards will show up in months that might otherwise have taken years."


More at Standards for Dummies (Who Want to Get Rich)

May 13
Fred Wishes he was there!
Fred is truly sorry to be missing your meeting this week.  Have a great one!
May 13
FGC Project
If anyone wants to contact the integrator for the FGC-UES project that was presented in the afternoon session on Wednesday, 13 May 2009; please drop me a note ( and I would be glad to send you their contact information.
May 13
CIMTool Announcement from Arnold DeVos
Arnold couldn't be with us this year, but sent out the following announcement.

To mark the CIMUG meeting in Genval I have released CIMTool 1.5.5.

The all-in-one eclipse+java+cimtool distribution has been refreshed, which is handy for new users or those wanting to "kick the tires". For existing users eclipse update can be used.

Read all the details at and find your preferred method of download at

Arnold deVos
Langdale Consultants
May 12
Traveler Notes for the Last Kilometer
We posted a Google map to show the route from the the train station to the hotel. However, walking is not recommended if you have luggage.
This is a residential area, some sidewalks are narrow, and with the hills around the lake it is steep in areas along the Google-calculated path. If you call the hotel at +32 2 655 71 11, they will arrange for a taxi or shuttle to meet you at the train station.
But if you have no luggage to pull along, this is a pleasant walk. Rather than take the Google-mapped path, you might rather follow Rue de Rosieres to Avenue du Lac to the lake and take the walking path. It's a pleasant stroll - and the weather has been nice too.
May 06
Get Your Site Account
A quick check shows that 21 of the currently registered 60 attendees do not have a CIM Users Group site account. Often this occurs when an administrative assistant or colleague registers on your behalf. Or you may be entirely new to the CIM Users Group. (Welcome!)
A site account is not required, but is recommended. We do require a login for some interactive parts of this conference site (including the evaluation survey). You'll know when you're prompted for a username and password.
If you do not have a Username and Password, please return to the CIM Users Group site home page to create a Guest account at no charge. I can then grant you access to the interactive features of this site.
In the case that you later upgrade to individual or corporate membership, your account will be upgraded accordingly.
Note:  when you create an account, the email address you provide will be used to contact you - e.g. for password retrieval. A business email address is recommended. We do take pains to protect your email address from web crawlers.
May 06
Good to Go for Genval
So - I'm cleared for takeoff on Sunday morning, unless the World Health Organization steps in at the last minute.   ;-)
I hope everyone else is looking forward to this event also.
Please see the discussion list for some topics I'd like to see discussed in the hallways or somewhere in the agenda.
Please add anything else that comes to mind, and that will help us all make the best use of our time.
See you soon,
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