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Gdansk, Poland
1-4, June, 2015
Gdansk, Poland

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Call for Presentations

The call for presentations deadline March 23rd.

To have your presentation considered for the 2015 European CIM meeting:

  • Please submit a 200-500 word abstract outlining the presentation’s key messages.
  • Include your name, title, company, address, phone, and email address.
  • Provide a short bio of the author(s) and identify the presenter(s).

Presentation time slots are 30 minutes long. Please limit your presentations to ~20 minutes to enable time for Q&A. Please review the presentation policies described below.

Presentations will take place on Tuesday - Thursday, 2-4 June, 2015.

Submit abstracts by email to

The CIM Users Group will review the submittals and will inform presenters of acceptance by 15 April 2015.


One of the most important benefits of attending a CIM Users Group (CIMug) meeting is the opportunity to network with CIM users and share experiences gained via presentation of project stories and use cases. The CIMug is seeking presentations for the European 2015 conference/meeting that will address practical management and technical issues regarding use of the CIM standards in actual project implementation by utilities, energy companies, RTOs, and DSOs as well as in vendor’s products.

The CIMug invites all practitioners to share their stories and use cases to enhance learning and understanding regarding the use of the CIM and thereby help promote the use of the CIM within the industry. We are looking for presentations on the project/product implementation issues on the following topics related to planned, underway, or completed projects:

  • How TSOs and DSOs could collaborate more using CIM (e.g., Model merging at DSO level with frames, boundaries as defined for TSOs – with mods for distribution?
  • How TSOs and DSOs could collaborate more using CIM (e.g., Model merging at DSO level with frames, boundaries as defined for TSOs with modifications for distribution)
  • Impact of EU Network Codes on DSOs and DSO/TSO information exchange
  • CIM as solution for integrating distribution systems (e.g., smart meters, outage management and customer information systems)
  • Application of new CIM distribution feeder models
  • Network management for TSOs/DSOs
  • Best practices on how to apply CIM model/standards in the DSO/TSO enterprise
  • Experience with Enterprise Semantic Modeling (ESM) and Information Management (EIM) based on the CIM
  • CIM-based system integration utility stories
  • CIM – 61850 harmonization
Registration Fees
CIMug is a non-profit association. All presenters are requested to register as an attendee. *Members of academia (students & faculty) may qualify for an additional discount by contacting the meeting organizers..
Presentation Policies
  • Priority in presentation selection is given to utilities, independent system operators, regional transmission organizations, TSOs, DSOs, retailers, universities and non-profit industry organizations.
  • Suppliers can be co-authors with utilities. Preference will be given to presentations with a utility presenter.
  • All presentations must be non-commercial (no overt marketing material can be included in the presentation) with a focus on the CIM lifecycle which is deemed to be informative and helpful to other companies considering using the CIM.
  • Non-commercial thought leadership presentations from all CIMug members will also be considered.
  • Presentations that demonstrate actual experiences will be preferred over high-level strategies.
  • CIM Users Group membership is not a requirement for presentations.


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Further Information

Questions should be directed to Brittany Cameron, via email at, or +1- 720-369-8580.

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