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This page started with a list of questions for discussion at the CIM University web site tutorial in Redmond. We expanded it at the Genval meeting. We'll use these questions to build better Support FAQs.
Questions Suggested for Discussion
(with FAQ links)
Questions Asked by Attendees
Account Management:

Site Architecture

 Putting the Site to Work

Learning More

Q: There is a lot of information and standards that comprise the CIM and GID. I've attended the tutorial, but what next? When I go to the CIMug home page it is not easy to see where I can find a good starting point to learn about the CIM. Is there a place I can go to get information?

A: If you're new to CIM, the tutorial information is probably your best resource. This year's presentations are uploaded on this site, and the same is true for past meetings. So the best way to find those is under Meetings. On the other hand, if you do a search on tutorial, you will see everything on this site. To review - here is the recommended approach for finding stuff:

  1. Use the Search field (top right of every page) or Advanced Search. (Remember, you can search other sites such as the IEC TC57 site.)
  2. Check other sources - for example the IEEE Xplore Library has many papers on CIM (click to view - but note, this basic search result includes computer-integrated manufacturing). There is an IEEE task force working on a CIM paper bibliography, it is almost ready for to be published on this site.

We will think about how to direct newcomers from our home page to the latest tutorial information, to make things easier to find.


Redmond Conference Questions

The following questions were asked at the Redmond conference, and are included here for reference.

Q:  How would I create a new Wiki? Such as one on utilities' experience using CIM based tools?

A:  First it's important to know that within Sharepoint, a wiki is really a document library, where .aspx files are stored. So if you go to the "breadcrumb trail" immediately above this page and click on Meeting Wiki (after Genval 2009 >) you will see a library of files. Clicking on the file called Home.aspx takes you into the wiki world, which is not much more than linked files. So - if you have site owner authority, you can add a wiki today to your working group or project site - just as you would add a document library. (Click for screenshot to see what this looks like.)

For more info:

As a side note, it is perfectly legitimate to build a site to advocate CIM within your own utility or vendor setting. For more info, click here.

Q:  If the user is not logged in and clicks on the History link on this page, an error is presented - 'This link does not exist...'. Please explain.

A:  Randy opened a ticket on this (click to view). Turns out this is a Microsoft shortcoming - it would be expensive to fix, and probably not a good idea. Good catch, though...

Q:  Larry Clark reported at Redmond that sometimes it is difficult to navigate through the site, especially to find material related to interoperability testing.

A: Randy and Margaret made some improvements to the public IOP area of the site in April. We think it's more usable now.

As a side note, we know that usability is poor in some areas of the CIMug site. We're constantly making improvements, but sometimes we don't get enough feedback to know where the problems are. Just Ask for Help as soon as you experience frustration, and we will try to fix the problem. We'd also like to recruit people to help analyze usability and test new features. (Check for these ways to help and others on the CIMug Roles list.)

Q:  It was noted at the Redmond meeting that the header on the new top nav dropdown and document library labeled IEC TC57 WG Draft Documents is nearly identical with those within the IEC TC 57 site and is confusing.

A:  There are differences in the icons and the library names, but yes, otherwised they are very similar. We have also been asked why the TC57 WG material wasn't just included under the CIMug site itself. We put the TC57 WG sites under a separate domain, anticipating that as other working groups would be added, it would be easier to expand and extend that site. We'll continue to work on this - it's another area of usability that needs work.



Note: there is so much to learn about Sharepoint, we couldn't get to all those details in the tutorial session. Here is sample content for a typical 1-day Sharepoint Essentials course. That example shows how much is available within Sharepoint, and may prompt some more questions.

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