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fbaadmin02/19/2009 4:40 PM2/19/2009 4:40 PM
I'd like to have David and Raju add some detail here on about developing a tutorial for utility members on how to develop use cases.
I think a wiki might be a good fit for this type of content. But I have some questions:
  1. What content we would include? can you give me an outline, or point to an example somewhere else?
  2. Is the content heavy in graphics? what type? For example, would it include diagrams from Enterprise Architect? Visio? or other sources?

Please reply with your comment. You can attach a file (upper left as you edit) or insert hyperlinks (upper right tool bar as you edit).

If you're brand new to Sharepoint wiki, here's a 12-minute screencast that might be useful.  "Use Wikis in Sharepoint to Whiteboard Your Thoughts"

For a more philosophical treatment of why wikis exist, see the video "Wikis in Plain English".

fbaadmin32/12/2009 7:19 PM1/13/2009 7:06 PM
Here's a comment from Lee (gently edited):
The biggest obstacle I see right now on the CIM wiki on the CIMug site is the inability to cross-link from the draft standards to the publicly-available one (without using http links). Click here for an example, and see the link to 61968-9:
"This is the wikified version of the CDV for 61968-9."

Can we create a single wiki with public pages and protected (member-only) pages?

I think the biggest value to the CIMug membership will be reading the standards and being able to drill down into explanatory text (on the publicly-available wiki).

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