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The following list shows the various types of groups within the CIM Users Group.


Focus Communities:  This type of group is dedicated to applying CIM where the standard has not been fully extended. This type of site may not be secured, to invite public participation.


Projects: These groups are projects that are jointly funded by participating utilities or vendor companies. This type of site is typically limited to funding members.


Working Groups:  There are several working groups focused on issues of common interest to CIM Users. Areas include the development of tools, structuring extensions for model exchange and application integration, model validation, compliance testing, and interoperability testing.  You can view a list of existing working groups by clicking on the Working Groups menu item on the top navigation menu above.


If you would like more information on a group, contact the individual listed below. If you would like to form a new group, send us a message at


collapse Group Type : Corporate ‎(2)
CIM @ ENTSO-E IOPGroup site containing ENTSO-E IOP documentation and for the advocacy of CIM within ENTSO-E member companiesChavdar Ivanov 
CIM @ PINThe group investigates the possibilities to use the CIM and other relevant standards to facilitate the exchange of information Dutch DSOs and TenneT (Dutch TSO) and to stimulate standardization initiatives in the sector.Richard Uijen 
collapse Group Type : Focus Group ‎(1)
CIM for DistributionGroup dedicated to extending CIM into distribution.Lee King 
collapse Group Type : Project ‎(6)
AEP SGDP IOPMargaret Goodrich 
CIM Co-LabProject site focused on key UCA site enhancements, such as group email and other collaboration features.Tony Adams 
CIM for Dynamic ModelsEPRI project for exchange of models used in dynamic power flow studies.Terry Saxton 
CIM for PlanningEPRI project for exchange of models used in static power flow studies.Terry Saxton 
CIM for UCTEProject to develop a UCTE-CIM profile and proposed CIM extensions.Chavdar Ivanov 
CIM for WeatherProject to develop extensions to the CIM to model weather forecast, real-time and historical weather data within the CIMAlan McMorran 
collapse Group Type : Working Group ‎(8)
AEP GridsmartAEP GridSmart siteMargaret Goodrich 
CIM InteropManages interoperability testing for CIM releases.Margaret Goodrich 
CIM IOP-ComplianceFocused on testing and quality assurance for compliance with CIM releases.Margaret Goodrich 
CIM MarketingManages marketing collateral and CIM-related vendor exhibits at industry conferences.Margaret Goodrich 
CIM Methods & Tools for Enterprise Integration• Promote the understanding and implementation of CIM UML modeling and CIM-based message exchangeAlan McMorran, Cyril Effantin 
CIM Model Exchange - NamingFocused on the 61970-452 standard for EMS model exchange. The CIM Naming group has been combined with this group.Jay Britton 
CIM ProcessesManages overall CIMug business processes, including conferences.Ed Dobrowolski, Terry Saxton 
N/ANot a group (this is needed to support a drop-down menu option for document metadata.)N/A 
Members Supporting CIM