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CIGRE 2018UCAIug Meeting and Booth at CIGRE 2018CIGRE 2018CIGRE 2018 
Ljubljana 2018CIMug European Meeting in Ljubljana 2018Ljubljana 2018 
Columbus 2017CIMug North American Meeting in Columbus Georgia USACIMug Meeting Docs for Columbus 2017Meeting Presentations 
Erlangen 2017CIMug European Meeting in Erlangen 2017CIMug Meeting Docs for Erlangen 2017Meeting Presentations 
Atlanta 2016CIMug North American Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia USACIMug Meeting Docs for Atlanta 2016Meeting Presentations 
Amsterdam 2016CIMug European Meeting in Amsterdam 2016CIMug Meeting Docs for Amsterdam 2016Meeting Presentations 
Gdansk 2015CIMug meeting held at the Hotel Nadmorski in Gdynia, Poland 1-4 June, 2015Gdansk 2015Meeting Presentations 
Orange County 2014CIMug meeting held at Newport Beach, California, USA, June, 2014Orange County 2014Meeting Presentations 
Oslo 2014CIMug meeting held at the Quality Hotel Expo in Oslo, Norway 17-20 June, 2014Oslo 2014Meeting Presentations 
Melbourne 2014CIMug meeting held at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG) in Melbourne, Australia 25-27 February, 2014Melbourne 2014Meeting Presentations 
Ljubljana 2013CIMug meeting held at the CANKARJEV DOM, Cultural and Congress Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia 11-14 June, 2013Ljubljana 2013Meeting Presentations 
New Orleans 2012UCAIug Summit held at the Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center hotel in New Orleans, LA October 22-26, 2012UCAIug Summit 2012 
London 2012CIMug meeting held at the Mercure Castle Hotel in Windsor, UK 15-18 May, 2012London 2012 
Austin 2011UCAIug Summit held at the Sheraton Austin at the Capitol hotel in Austin, TX November 15-18, 2011UCAIug Summit 2011EPRI Summary 
Prague 2011CIMug meeting held at The Diplomat Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic 10-13 May, 2011Prague 2011EPRI Summary 
San Francisco 2010CIMug meeting held at Hilton San Francisco Airport in Burlingame, CA - October 11-14, 2010San Francisco 2010 
Milan 2010CIMug meeting in Milan, Italy - June 2010Milan 2010Notes 
Charlotte 2009CIMug meeting held at EPRI headquarters in Charlotte, NC - November 10-13 2009Charlotte 2009Notes 
Calgary IEEE 2009IEEE Summer Power Meeting (Panel Only) - July 2009Files 
Genval 2009CIMug meeting held in Genval, Belgium (near Brussels) - May 2009Genval 2009Notes 
Seattle IEEE 2009IEEE Power Systems Conference and Expo (Panel Only) - March 2009Files 
Redmond 2008CIMug meeting held at Microsoft in Redmond, WA - Dec. 2008Redmond 2008 
Vasteras 2008CIMug meeting in Vasteras, Sweden - June 2008Vasteras 2008Notes 
Austin 2007CIMug meeting in Austin, Texas - October 2007Austin 2007Notes 
Arnhem 2007CIMug meeting in Arnhem, Netherlands - June 2007Notes 
Salt Lake City 2006CIMug meeting held in Salt Lake City, Utah - December 2006Notes 
Paris 2006CIMug meeting held in Paris, France - May 2006Notes 
Carmel 2005CIMug meeting held in Carmel, Indiana - November 2005 (the first-ever CIMug meeting)Notes 
Brisbane 2023CIM User Group - Brisbane, AustraliaPresentations 
N/ANot Applicable (Document not associated with a CIMug meeting) 
Members Supporting CIM