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The CIM Help Desk is here to give you one source to answer any questions you have. Just click on the "Create a Service Request" link on the panel to the left, and fill out the form. Your request will prompt an Alert to a Service Rep, who will assign your request to an Expert who can answer your question.

Your requests may have to do with day-to-day CIM User Group business processes. Examples are: how to apply the CIM model; how to resolve a CIM model issue; or how to make administrative changes in CIMug membership or site accounts. Or you may have a question about the site itself. Anything goes. All it takes is a guest or member account.

As questions are answered, we will develop Support FAQs - those are available from the left panel. We will also write more detailed Knowledge Base articles on key topics.

Our intent is to answer any requests for help or information in a timely way. There may be some delay while find the right person to answer your question. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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Question Details
Reverse and Forward Changes
Reverse and Forward Changes are incorporated in which version of CIM Model i.e. whether it is a part of CIMv15 or later.

Can we use Reverse and Forward Deference in CIM v 15 Compliant Incremental Export?
In the current versions, reverse and forward changes are defined in the IEC61970-552 instead of being defined in the CIM Model. This means that the DifferenceModel object and its forward and reverse changes exist only inside of RDF XML serializations and do not exist in other serializations.

There is currently an active NWIP for a new document (IEC 61970-303) which will define a formal model for forward and reverse changes that can be used in any serialization.
How can I view the most recent model on-line?
It would be really nice to have CIM available in HTML, so that I could navigate it with a web browser. How can I do that?
This was available some time ago. We don't currently have the resources to support it. Instead we have included a link to the Enterprise Architect viewer, EALite - available on this page. With this application and the EA version of CIM (see the Current CIM Model page), you can easily and throughly navigate the CIM.
How do I find the current CIM model and draft documents?
Is the most recent 'official' CIM release available? Can I download it and use it?
Under the top navigation tab labeled "CIM Documents" you will find the current CIM Model, working documents (IEC TC 57 WG Draft Documents), and past releases. 
The current release and work in progress versions of the UML model is available in EA, Rational and XMI tool formats to CIMug members with corporate, individual or educational membership, per IEC policy (and only in document form unless you are an IEC WG member).  This is to remain in compliance with our obligations to the IEC under the Liaison D relationship with enjoy with them.

If you do not currently have one these accounts, you can upgrade or register for one here
How do I set up Alerts?
I remember setting up Alerts on Sharepoint. Now I want to change it, and I can't figure out how to get there. Need help!
Alerts is a powerful and useful Sharepoint feature, but not all that accessible to everyday users. For that reason we implemented a 3rd party add-in from Bamboo Solutions. This allows users to browse through a tree representing all available subsites, and see what they might want to add Alerts for. To access this, click on My Alerts in the top right corner of any screen. There may still be occasional links here and there to the native Sharepoint Alerts setup - which still works fine as well. The attached file has information on how that works.
How do I create a site account?
I'm just getting started. How do I get an account on this site, to view and download material?
CIMug and other UCA International-sponsored groups (such as Open Smart Grid, IEC61850 and others) share one membership and account system. You can create a guest account on any of these sites (access the panel that appears on the right side of the home page, for users who are not logged in). With a guest account you can then download material in password-protected areas.
Some material on the site restricted to members-only. If you have purchased individual membership or if your company has a corporate membership, your guest account will be upgraded to member status within 48 hours. This provides you with access to member-only content.
Access to specific subsites such as participant-funded CIM project sites is granted based on your site account. To modify the details of your account, click Profile in the upper right corner of any site page.
Can this site remember my login information?
I'd like to log in once and have all the UCA sites remember my User ID and password, so I don't have to. Can we do that?
Absolutely. In January 2008 the site was enhanced with this capability. When you log in, you will see a "Remember Me?" radio button. If you click on that option, the site will remember your login information. Every time you open a browser and hit the CIMug site (or other UCA sites), there will be no login prompt. This status applies for 30 days, unless you deliberately log out (see the Logout link in the upper right corner of each window) or delete cookies through your browser menu.
How do I change my email address?
I've changed companies. I'd like all CIMug-related communication to flow to my new email address. What do I do, and will the changes apply to all the UCAIug sites?
Click on the Profile link in the upper right corner of any page on this site. You can change your email address there. This change will apply to all UCAIug sites. If other users contact you through the site, or if announcements or alerts are sent out, your new email address will be used.
How can I get some coaching or training?
My learning curve seems pretty steep right now. The site seems awkward, or maybe I'm just browser-challenged. Is there a way I could get some personal help?
Absolutely. UCAIug subscribes to the GotoMeeting service. We can have either immediate or pre-scheduled web conferences with you. To start, submit a Help Desk request. This generates an immediate Alert to those who can give you the help you need.
We also have a UCA Member Training site, where you can create new sites and play to your heart's content. (All mistakes are covered - we can restore the site to fix any mess you might make during your learning process.)
Also included are links to useful external training resources - screencasts in particular - that can help you come up to speed quickly.
Can I build a site for my own project or group?
I like what I see on this site. I am starting up a CIM-related project. Can I build a subsite and apply these same tools to that effort?
Absolutely, if you are a member of UCAIug and its member groups (including CIMug). Our infrastructure is built to scale up. We can create a new site from a customized template and configure it within an hour. 
Site administration can be delegated to you as the project or group leader. As a site owner, you can then invite other members into the site. You will need an hour or two of start-up learning to properly manage the site. We will train and coach you as needed, using the UCA Member Training Site.
How do I submit a CIM modeling issue?
I am applying the CIM and don't agree with what I see - or maybe I'm not seeing what working group members were thinking. How can I get this in front of the right people and get a response?
Most past issues originated within IEC TC 57 Working Groups and were stored and managed in spreadsheets. We are migrating this to a web-based process which will be more accessible and visible.
Click on the Model Issues link on the left panel, then New.  Required fields are:  Title, Description, Issue Status, Category, and Priority. You can assign the issue to an individual you would like to respond, or leave it unassigned.
The CIM Model Manager will receive an Alert whenever new issues are posted or updated, and has responsible for your satisfaction.
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