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The following list shows the various types of groups within the CIM Users Group. Each group has a dedicated area within the CIM Users Group web site.


Corporate Group:  This type of group promotes the application of CIM within their specific utility or transmission system organizations. This type of site is typically secured to members of that organization, which has a corporate membership within UCAIug.


Focus Group:  This type of group is dedicated to applying CIM where the standard has not been fully extended. This type of site may not be secured, to invite public participation.


Project: These groups are projects that are jointly funded by participating utilities or vendor companies. This type of site is typically limited to funding members.


Working Group:  There are several working groups focused on issues of common interest to CIM Users. Areas include the development of tools, structuring extensions for model exchange and application integration, model validation, compliance testing, and interoperability testing.


If you would like more information on a group, click Groups Info on the left panel. If you would like to form a new group or enhance the functionality of your group's website, contact the Utility Co-Chair or Vendor Co-Chair.


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