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The mission of this working group is to promote interest in and use of the electric utility CIM and related standards.  Marketing activities highlight the user-driven nature of the CIM User Group.


The CIMug Marketing Working Group organizes, coordinates, and implements the following activities:

  • Strategically placed adve‚Äčrtisements for the CIM and the CIM User Group
  • Develop programs that will convey the importance of the CIM and standards in general at the executive level
  • Identify and participate in events that may attract interest in the CIM
  • Develop CIM and standards related educational programs
  • Propose a marketing budget
  • Coordinate with the UCAI marketing committee
  • Memorialize and publish CIM user experiences
  • Develop a newsletter
  • Create the CIMug logo and characteristic insignias
  • Develop marketing brochures, flyers, and other publicity materials
  • Promote CIM and CIMug related activities and workshops
  • Maintain and promote a list CIM compliant products and vendors
  • Provide product advertising opportunities
  • Provide training materials
  • Promote the CIMug goals
  • Promote the many benefits of CIMug membership

 For more information, contact the current chairman of this group, Margaret Goodrich.

Members Supporting CIM