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CIM University Training – Oceania Chapter 2020

16 June – July 23, 2020 – Webinar


The UCA International Users Group invites members of the Oceania Chapter's energy industry to attend the CIM University Training – Oceania Chapter 2020, starting on June 16, 2020 through July 23, 2020. All sessions are 10am-12pm AEST and will be available via webinar. Whether you are a CIM novice or expert, this meeting will provide a forum to learn more about CIM and network with colleagues. 

What Is CIM?

The CIM is an international standard now globally accepted for modeling the information exchanges required in electric utilities. The CIM is independent of any individual application, middleware, or message protocols used for data exchange. The interoperability enabled by the CIM standards is a key factor for achieving the Smart Grid vision.

The CIM Users Group (CIMug) was formed to promote progress of the CIM and to share project experiences. The users group holds two meetings each year (one in Europe and one in the U.S.). Recognized experts share their insights and resolve key technical issues. Each meeting also includes pre-conference tutorials, vendor exhibits, and social networking opportunities.

Who Should Attend?

Utilities, energy companies, RTO/ISOs and others involved in developing standards-based enterprise information architectures and integration frameworks to meet their business challenges will find this conference invaluable. Project managers, system architects, business and IT managers, and control center personnel will all benefit from this meeting. With the focus on Smart Grid interoperability and distribution applications, vendors with CIM-based products they plan to make available to this community will want to reserve a Vendor Table to demonstrate their products and discuss service offerings. 

The meeting is open to all current or potential CIM users – you do not have to be a CIM User Group member to attend. Attendees gain first-hand access to CIM experts and come away with new insights on how to realize the power of CIM-based integration.


Please register below for the twelve webinar sessions

UCAIug Member Price – $50 per person

UCAIug Non-Member Price - $150 per person

CIM University Series

CIM University Series​
Session Number Track Series Title Date Time
Session 11Intro to CIM Standards & Architecture
Layer 1
CIM UML Information Model and Contents
16-Jun10am-12pm AEST
Session 21 Layer 2
Profiles and Profiling methodology
Layer 3
Message assembly and RDF/XML serialization
18-Jun10am-12pm AEST
Session 31Information & Reference Model
Network Operations - (IEC 61968-Part 3) & Assets (IEC 61968 -Part 4)
23-Jun10am-12pm AEST
Session 41DER (IEC 61968 - Part 5)
Maintenance & Construction (IEC 61968 - Part 6)
Customer Support Interfaces (IEC 61968 - Part 8)
Meter Reading & Control (IEC 61968 - Part 9)
Interface Specification Documents
CIM-Based Integration
25-Jun10am-12pm AEST
Session 52Power System Model Basics30-Jun10am-12pm AEST
Session 62Network Model - EQ Profile 2-Jul10am-12pm AEST
Session 72Network Model - EQ Profile (Special Topics)
Network Model - DY Profile (Special Topics)
Network Model - DL Profile
7-Jul10am-12pm AEST
Session 82Network Model - SSH Profile
Network Model - TP, SV Profiles
Variations (Change)
Network Model Parts & Assembly
9-Jul10am-12pm AEST
Session 93DER - A deep dive into standards & industry usage14-Jul10am-12pm AEST
Session 103DER - A deep dive into standards & industry usage Continued…16-Jul10am-12pm AEST
Session 113Assets (IEC 61968 - Part 4) - a deep dive21-Jul10am-12pm AEST
Session 123Meeter Reading & Control (IEC 61968-Part 9) - a deep dive23-Jul10am-12pm AEST


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