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The most recent Interoperability Tests are listed below:

  1. CIM-GID Interoperability Test 11 - Oct. 13-15, 2008
  2. CIM for Planning Interoperability Test - Nov. 12-13, 2008

This working group evaluates the interoperability of EMS and third-party vendor products through the administration of formal test procedures.  Interoperability testing establishes that products from different participant vendors can exchange information based on the use of the IEC standards that have been developed as an output of the CCAPI project.  These standards include various parts of the IEC 61970 standards.

Some of the overall set of objectives of the Interoperability Working Group are:

  1. Demonstrate interoperability between different products based on the CIM. This includes applications from EMS vendors as well as independently developed applications from third party suppliers.
  2. Verify compliance with the CIM for those CIM classes/attributes involved in the information exchanges supported by the tests.
  3. Validate the correctness and completeness of the CPSM document.
  4. Demonstrate the exchange of power system models using the CIM and an RDF Schema and XML representation of the model data.
  5. Demonstrate the actual field implementation of an integration project using the IEC 61970 standards.
  6. Validate the test Models, the UML and the RDF files created for the tests.
  7. Validate the tools including the rdf generation tools and the model validation tools.

Some working group content is not available to site visitors and guests. Members can click here for access.

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