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This working group promotes the understanding and implementation of CIM-based message exchange. CIM enables the successful integration of enterprise applications through model-driven methods. The availability of the CIM model in UML makes it possible to implement comprehensive, flexible, and efficient communications between enterprise-scale applications. Using CIM-based message exchange in XML or RDF formats ensures that EAI investments become more cost-effective and reliable as the number of connections increase. 


Three major objectives are:

  • To exchange best practices and information related to challenges experienced when implementing CIM for EAI;
  • To act as a resource for help desk requests and for EAI-related issues that sent to the various TC57 working groups;
  • To develop and finalize standard methodologies for the derivation of messages.
This working group depends on user input.  All CIMug members from the user community should have at least one representative who is involved in this working group. Interested parties may contact the current co-chairs of this working group, Andre Maizener and Harry Garton.
The Enterprise Application Integration and Information group has held regular breakout sessions at CIM User Group meetings. This page is available for this group to add documents and announcements.
There are currently no active announcements.
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UNCEFACT Methodology for CIM-Jean-LucSanson.pptUNCEFACT Methodology for CIM-Jean-LucSansonfbaadmin
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3_03_Implementing UA - Servers.ppt3_03_Implementing UA - ServersSystem Account
3_05_Deliverables_UADevCon07.ppt3_05_Deliverables_UADevCon07System Account
3_04_Performance.ppt3_04_PerformanceSystem Account
3_01_Migration to UA_UADevCon07.ppt3_01_Migration to UA_UADevCon07System Account
2_11_Implementing UA - Clients.ppt2_11_Implementing UA - ClientsSystem Account
2_10_ScalabilityAndProfiles.ppt2_10_ScalabilityAndProfilesSystem Account
3_02_PortableUaApplications.ppt3_02_PortableUaApplicationsSystem Account
2_08_Implementing UA - Stack.ppt2_08_Implementing UA - StackSystem Account
2_05_AlamsAndConditions.ppt2_05_AlamsAndConditionsSystem Account
2_09_Historical_Access.ppt2_09_Historical_AccessSystem Account
2_06_UA_EDDL_DEMO.ppt2_06_UA_EDDL_DEMOSystem Account
2_04_UA_Programs.ppt2_04_UA_ProgramsSystem Account
2_03_Reliability and Robustness_UADevCon07.ppt2_03_Reliability and Robustness_UADevCon07System Account
2_01_IntroductionToCollaboration_Final.ppt2_01_IntroductionToCollaboration_FinalSystem Account
2_02_Collaboration_FDT_ECT_OPCUA.ppt2_02_Collaboration_FDT_ECT_OPCUASystem Account
1_09_Security.ppt1_09_SecuritySystem Account
1_08 Information Model and Services 2007.ppt1_08 Information Model and Services 2007System Account
1_05_Base Technology.ppt1_05_Base TechnologySystem Account
1_07_Architecture_UADevCon07.ppt1_07_Architecture_UADevCon07System Account
1_06_UA Certification Compliance_FINAL.ppt1_06_UA Certification Compliance_FINALSystem Account
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