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Group site containing ENTSO-E IOP documentation and for the advocacy of CIM within ENTSO-E member companies
ENTSO-E CIM Interop Site

On 11 December 2009 ENTSO-E decided to organize two Common Information Model (CIM) interoperability tests per year to support the development of the ENTSO-E CIM-based data exchange format and the CIM Standard issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The tests cover the following areas:

  • The ENTSO-E IOP “CIM for System Development and Operations” that covers all needs of system development and operations such as operational to operational exchanges, operational to planning, short circuit data, planning, dynamics exchanges and the interface with distribution. Specific data collection and data processes can also be tested. The goal is to allow and facilitate any kind of study in TSOs’ scope: static analyses, dynamic studies, short circuit assessments, etc.;
  • The ENTSO-E IOP “CIM for Energy Market” that covers needs of market exchanges. It contributes to the further development of the IEM (European Internal Energy Market) by actively supporting market harmonization and integration and plays a crucial role for demonstrating the correctness of European market CIM profile.

The purpose of these tests is to demonstrate the interoperability of the ENTSO-E CIM-based data exchange format and the IEC CIM-based standard taking into account all changes proposed to be included in the updated CIM standard. The tests are also designed in order to allow vendors to verify the correctness of the implementation of the updated CIM standard and to support ENTSO-E processes towards achieving the objectives given to ENTSO-E by the EU Third Energy Package. More specifically, the Regulation 714/2009 on conditions for access to the network for cross-border exchanges in electricity states that ENTSO-E has to adopt common network operation tools to ensure the coordination of network operation, to elaborate network codes on data exchange and interoperability rules as well as transparency rules.

The adoption of the ENTSO-E CIM interoperability tests and the CIM/XML-based data exchange format is a direct contribution to the above mentioned tasks since it supports data exchanges and ensures the interoperability of the tools used in the ENTSO-E data exchange processes. The experience gained from the process of developing and implementing CIM-based standards will directly contribute to the future network code development as data exchange processes will be part of several network codes.

This site stores all relevant documents associated with these tests. Additional information on these tests can be found in the ENTSO-E web site here.

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