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CIM User Group Blogs
Three important roles in the CIM User Group are:
  • the CIM Model Manager, with responsibility for guiding each annual release of the CIM model;
  • the Utility Co-Chair, representing the interests of member utilities;
  • and the Vendor Co-Chair, representing the interests of member vendors.

The individuals currently filling these roles are:

  • Lars-Ola Osterlund of ABB as Model Manager;
  • Dean Hengst of Exelon as Utility Co-Chair;
  • Terry Saxton of Xtensible Systems as Vendor Co-Chair.

Included here are blogs for each of these to share their view of CIM User Group activities. Registered users can subscribe to these blogs via either Sharepoint Alerts or RSS.

Additional blogs can be added either here or at the level of a project or working group to improve CIMug communications. Contact the Utility Co-Chair for further details.

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