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Jun 09
Hello World
I'm sitting at a hotel in Uppsala (yes, Sweden), learning that not all keyboards are created alike. A Scandinavian keyboard has some useful keys such Ås this Öne Änd that Öne. I started work around 4 a.m. which is 7 p.m. back in my home part because it gets light really early around here.
This morning I spent some more time with my old friend, this web site. We started looking for a contractor in December; launched the project with B&R Solutions in March; and it's already time for our Sweden launch.
Tomorrow the Vasteras conference starts and we will introduce this site to all attendees. But we're already in a soft launch phase - a dozen or so CIM members have been working with the site over the past 4 weeks.
I'm feeling a bit apprehensive. There's a lot of moving parts in this site and I know its weaknesses and blemishes. But we're as ready as we could be. Where's the champagne?


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