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Mar 14
Getting Smarter
I'm listening to the hearing on Smart Grid development sponsored by the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. FERC, DOE, and NIST heads are giving their viewpoints.
I've also been reading responses to Jesse Berst's post on Why the Smart Grid Industry Can't Talk the Talk (and What to Do About It). Last night I got an update from the Google Energy and Information group about Google's PowerMeter initiative. (Demo here, along with Tendril and AMEE.)
The speaker representing NIST noted with regard to the many suites of standards needed for the smart grid:  "What's desperately needed is an overall roadmap - a coordination effort..." and said this would be available this summer. That would prioritize the development of the standards and DOE's development projects.
So hundreds of millions of dollars are being allocated to smarten up the grid...and it's a curious thing to hear Senator Cantwell (representing my home state, actually) talking about APIs, open systems, and IP architectures.
On Wednesday at the IEEE Power Systems Computing Conference and Expo we're having a session on CIM. My presentation is not ready yet.
I suspect others like myself, those who have been in the industry for decades, might be thinking the same thing...we've been making the grid smarter for a very long time. Now it's important, almost overnight. Doesn't Google know utilities have been helping thousands if not millions of customers view their usage for a least a decade, if not longer? And, where will these federal agencies find the resources to accelerate standards development? I've been trying to hire a senior-level EE for almost a year, with no success.
Enough said. On to my presentation...


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