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Jun 17
Breakfast of Champions
I'm finishing my first day of work after returning to the States from Vasteras. A week ago I was having breakfast and thinking about the differences between Sweden and the U.S. Namely, how much difference a breakfast buffet makes.
Here's what was on my dish.
Breakfast of Champions
And I wasn't alone. Kendall the Great was making similar choices. With a healthy spread like this, who could resist?
Kendall Chooses
Maybe it was jet lag, but it occurred to me that choosing CIM and sticking with CIM generally leads to long-term benefits. Kinda like healthy choices leads to healthy arteries. Short-term pain, long-term gain.
None of us make healthy choices every time. But those who make healthy choices most of the time find it gets easier as time passes. Is that true for CIM users?
Food for thought.


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