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Oct 16
Warning: Standards Acceleration May Be Stress-Inducing
I've noticed that a lot of the folks I stay connected with in our industry are a bit stressed out lately.
Stress, according to the experts, is what keeps us healthy. At an industry level, that may be true as well. All things considered, an industry is typically better off after undergoing dramatic change. Some in telecom or financial services might argue otherwise, I suppose. But typically renewed processes, systems, and even careers emerge on the other end.
WELL - we're headed there. A colleague recently shared with me a link to a talk on the smart grid by Chris Knudsen of PG&E (Chris is a leader in OpenSG).
And I quote from Chris:

“So why is this so important? Some people that have been in standards and have worked there through their careers really understand it – it’s very intuitive. But there’s a lot of people – and even a lot of people in the utility industry – that haven’t been involved in standards…but from my perspective, as someone who’s been involved my whole career in new technologies and standards, the scale, the priority, and the energy of this far exceeds anything I have seen before. And I’ve been in some pretty moving, large-scale, new technology developments…

It’ll be like the Internet today…twenty years from now, we will look back and it’ll be something similar to that… 

We’re at the very beginning of something that is going to be analogous to the Internet, but around the smart grid and power - requiring the integration of power engineering and communication engineering.”

I couldn't have said it better.


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