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Jan 20
Congratulations to Dean Hengst
I'm pleased to announce that Dean Hengst will be officially in this chair by the end of this week.
We're off to a good start by taking a hard look at the way CIMug is organized, and how the Processes working group is - well, how it is working. We are getting things done but I think everyone agrees that we could be getting more done better.
I delegated much of the web support stuff that I was handling - in a de facto support of way - to a contractor that Kay was gracious enough to bring on board. You will see Tony Adams' name showing up on the help desk. He will be fielding all site-related requests and working with B&R Solutions, our Sharepoint services team.
Kay has also made arrangements to have Robin Pitts, an EPRI employee, step up to help with meeting planning. Robin did a great job with our Charlotte meeting. This will help us plan further ahead, keeping costs down and reducing wear and tear on CIMug members.
There are other pieces of work that I've not been able to hand off yet, but I'll let you know when changes happen.
Thanks again for all the support and feedback I've received, and I wish Dean all the best as he takes the helm.
Best regards,


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