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Jun 20
Mostly Proud
Yesterday we made changes out there in cyberspace and this site officially became the new CIM User Group site. This follows three months of sustained effort on the part of many members and our contractor B&R Solutions. I deeply appreciate the long hours everyone has put in.
Like a new dad I am modestly proud of what we have achieved. At the same time I have other characteristics of a new father - knowing the real work lies ahead; knowing not all babies are as good-looking as what people say; getting used to cleaning up new messes that weren't there before.
There are many areas of the site yet unfinished - or more correctly, as yet undeveloped. To use another analogy, it's a bit like creating a new subdivision. You are the developers and home owners and the door is open to use everything we have put in place for you.
All else being equal, celebration is still well deserved. We have worked hard and delivered on our promises.
The official site announcement will go out soon.


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