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Oct 22
Sliced and Processed
Every small business demands sweat equity and this one is no exception. UCAIug and it's member groups are a non-profit corporation staffed almost completely by volunteers. Whatever gets done comes into existence by slices of attention, sandwiched between the real work we all do to earn our place on the planet, and spiced up with an ample dollop of generosity.
One of the small groups that works largely behind the scenes is the CIM Processes group. They plan the CIM User Group conferences - and that's not just one, but two each year (U.S. and Europe)! This happens without hiring a conference management service, and almostly entirely due to this task force and to hosting companies - like Microsoft, which is inviting us onto their campus in December.
I haven't posted recently since I'm part of that group, and we have been putting together the fall conference. To be candid, while we're excited at how the conference is shaping up, I think we're all getting a little fatigued. Some of these folks are on IEC committees and are traveling to those meetings, not to mention their day-to-day project work.
So we have a challenge - if CIMug and the other UCA groups are picking up steam, how we will manage? With several years of conferences behind us and more growth ahead, it may be time a fresh look at how we do business.


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