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Nov 11
In Memoriam
Many CIM User Group members will remember Janet Dietz. I regret to report that Janet passed away on October 24, 2009. 
Her obituary states:
Among her colleagues, Janet is known for her work in promoting international standards for the utility industry. Janet will be remembered by her wide circle of friends for her brilliance and generosity, her elegance, irreverence and deeply caring ways.

For me, Janet was an amazing hero who displayed a gentle acceptance of the most difficult circumstances. Not long after I met her in the mid-1990s, I learned she had just lost a brother to cancer. She went on to survive two (maybe three) personal bouts with cancer, before finally succumbing on this round. Even in her final days she had a steady stream of visiting friends.
Janet and I shared a personal interest in standards-based integration. We attempted a CORBA implementation in the mid-1990s, a project that was the stepping stone toward adoption of CIM as a cornerstone of EAI at PacifiCorp. She spoke at several CIMug conferences and DistribuTech, actively promoting standards; but always with the pragmatic tone of a seasoned utility veteran.
On her desk Janet had a collection of beautiful stones that had been rounded through countless years under the water. I never asked her why they were there. I knew.
My deepest respects to Janet's memory. She was a gift.
Her obituary can be viewed here.


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