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Jul 15
How to improve effectiveness of contributions to CIMug

As I write this, I am attending a meeting of the Open Smart Grid user group in Columbus, OH, where they are reviewing new structure and rules for managing the contributions made within the OpenSG group. Their working groups are producing specifications and other documents that have reached a stage where review and voting for approval is required.

It strikes me that in the CIMug, we have not encouraged our working groups to create work plans which include creation of specifications that could be used within the IEC to help in the progressing of needed standards. For instance, capturing business requirements for a specific type of information exchange. Another example could be an evaluation of CIM tools to assist CIMug members in knowint what is available and what each tool is good for.

I hope we can add this topic to our agenda for one of our Process WG meetings with a goal of making a report to the CIMug members at our Charlotte meeting.


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