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Jun 11
View from Vasteras
It's Wednesday morning and we're going into our second day of the Vasteras meeting. Or the third day, if you count the pre-conference tutorial. Since many of the conference logistics are behind me, I'm starting to be able to enjoy the conference itself.
The 4 am sun woke me up so I took a nice run along the lake this morning. Here's a view of the lakefront from the top floor of the conference hotel. Our conference location is next to the oval building in the oval right. ABB's headquarters are the red building to the left with the distinctive tower above it. I'll have to ask what that's all about. 
There is a whole lot of material being presented here. We're uploading it as we go - here. We've been inviting people into the new site, but we've only had about six new accounts created so far.
I haven't had much spare time, but I have been thinking about the CIM value proposition for utilities. Especially those of us that aren't ISOs or other types of regional authorities - who don't have massive publicly-mandated change initiatives under way. More on that later.


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