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Oct 16
Don't Underestimate Search

There's a small drop-down menu that shows up on the upper right corner of each web page, preloaded with the words "Search CIM."

I'd like to emphasize that there's a whole lotta help there when you're in a pinch.
You'll notice that the search options are contextualized - it will offer to search your current list; the current site (which likely is a subsite to the main CIM site); the entire CIM site; any other site in the UCA family; or even all sites.
You'll notice it's fast - and it will also offer Bing results on the right side of the page.
You should try out a wildcard search - yes the asterisk (*) works. Although, if you type in only a portion of a word, it can work with that too.
Beyond that, there's Advanced Search - which works as you might expect.
If you have a peer CIM Users Group member sitting beside you, you might notice you get different results. That's because the search is permission-trimmed. Search results will reveal all to which you are entitled to see by Sharepoint permissions - which can be applied by site owners at a site, library/list, or even an individual file level. So, if you are in a different project or working group than the person next to you doing a search, you may see different results. Or the person next to you may not have CIMug membership rights. Nothing's wrong - the system is working as designed.
IEC working group members will find this especially useful on their sites, where there is a lot of document churn. I've come up with some pretty amazing results, since I have had quite a bit of authority due to all of our site work.
Try it out! And add a comment if you have an issue or question.


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