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Jan 13
CMM 2008
Just a quick summary of CMM perspective in 2008.
We made good progress on the Planning integration.  This also includes progress on solve state exchanges and case input.
Lots of other ideas were discussed in the issues meetings but movement is slow, but the basis for many 2009 activities has been built.
The UCTE project in latter part of 2008 and early 2009 will likely be a pivitol development and we have done a good job supporting that activity so far.
Quite a few items that have been lingering problems have surfaced and the good news is they are being addressed.
We have more issues than ever, but we also knocked out quite a few.   The outstanding issues are a good focus including many directional issues as well as details.    Its clear that more people are examining CIM with a critical eye now and that is very good.
The 2008 "inter op" was a success.   The concept of ModelingAuthoritySet exchanges was proven to be workable at a basic tool level.   The model changes introduced for IOP have survived to the CIM 13 draft standard.
CIM 13 (IEC61970CIM13) is basically frozen unless the Baden WG13 meeting opens some serious issue.   The 61970-301 document is in draft state and available on this sharepoint to CIMug members under the IEC draft documents. 
Our transition to Sparx Enterprise Architect tool was completed.     WG13 and WG14 were working closely together to good effect.
I did not focus much on WG16 in 2008 but I think that will change in 2009, as all parties are more ready for that integration. 
We have a good list of 2009 activities to be prioritized this week in Baden by WG13.    This week also includes WG16 meeting in Seattle (Kirkland) which will further shape the upcoming work for CIM related TC57 WG's.
We had a first real customer issue submitted on the SharePoint model issues list.   Hopefully that will get traction as hearing directly from users is needed.   See the button ont he main CIMug page.
The transition of CMM role to Kurt Hunter is taking place now and I am confident in his abilities and previous experience in the CMM role.  My best wishes to Kurt.
Many thanks to those who have supported and endured my tenure as CMM.   I look forward to contributing to the CIM community, but hopefully with quite a bit less travel.
Kendall Demaree
2008 CIM Model Manager


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